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Exclusive: Kim Jongkook and Haha Talk Body Swap (With Lee Kwangsoo), Joining BIGBANG, and Favorite Running Man Moments


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Running Man’s Kim Jongkook and Haha recently visited the United States for a concert tour, making a stop in the Big Apple New York City to greet fans on the East Coast. The two, who displayed their charming wit and brotherly affections, weren’t shy to answer some questions from fans during a pre-show fanmeeting, despite fans’ prodding on the subject of Kim Jongkook’s love life (unsurprisingly, there were quite a few shouts of “Yoon Eunhye!”). 1 After personally interacting with each and every fan at the fanmeet, Kim Jongkook and Haha sat down at a press conference to share some candid thoughts on their first U.S. tour and Running Man. Soompi had the opportunity to ask the Running Man brothers a few thought-provoking questions on body switching with the other cast members, their first impressions of one another, and their favorite idol groups! Check out their answers below~ 4Q: What is your set list looking like for the concert? Could you tell us a bit about that? Haha: Even now, [Jongkook] Hyung and I are still discussing it, and we have yet to decide whether or not to include some songs. Jongkook: There are so many songs, and we’re afraid it’ll get too long, so we’re still finalizing the set list. We’re going to perform a lot of songs, and since we’re in New York, we’ll be performing songs fit for the city here; we’ve prepared a lot. Q: When did you laugh the most on Running Man – what is one of your favorite moments? Jongkook: When we played soccer with Park Jisung. I’m pretty good at soccer, so that’s one of my most impressed moments. 7Soompi: If you could switch bodies with one of the cast members of Running Man, who would you pick and why? Jongkook: Lee Kwangsoo. (laugh) I want to be tall like that. Haha: Me too. Jongkook: But just the body though. Not face. (laugh) UPDATE: Look at these AWESOME body-switching photos we found on Twitter, from @RMDoodle! In case you were wondering how Kim Jongkook & Haha would look with Kwangsoo's body... FotorCreated (8)Q: How does it feel to be in New York for your U.S. tour? Jongkook: I’ve been to the U.S. a lot of times, but this is the first time I’m doing a tour. I’m very excited because it’s my first time having a concert here. I’m very happy to see all of our fans. Very happy and excited. Haha: Me too. Really, I’m so thankful, that we’re receiving so much love. 8Q: If you could imagine a Running Man show in the U.S., which American celebrities would you invite? Jungkook: Will Smith. A long time ago, I met him, but I didn’t speak English [at the time] so I couldn’t say anything to him. I just said. “Hi.” This time, I really want to take the time to catch up. Haha: There are so many, but Marvel. Iron Man. Superheroes. Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman… Q: Kim Jongkook, your English is so amazing – how hard was it to learn English, and how did you get your English to such a high level? Kim Jongkook: Actually, I’m still working on it; I like coming to the States. I go to LA two or three times a year, regularly. I have a lot of Korean-American friends, and yeah, I study by myself really hard. 3Soompi: You two have actually been friends for a long time. Do you still remember your first impressions of one another, and how has that changed over the years? Haha: I first met Kim Jongkook when I was 19, when he was still in Turbo, when he was super famous, a legend. Kim Jongkook: I was in Turbo, and he was nothing, so… (laugh) What’s your impression now? Haha: Now, he’s just scary.. No, just kidding, we’re really close. Kim Jongkook: I love him. He is literally like my real brother. Nothing changed about that. rsz_6Q: What is the most memorable or fun game for you from Running Man? Haha: My fear of heights is so intense, that whenever we have to be high up, I get so scared. I’ve never in my life paid to go on a rollercoaster. It’s so scary, but we went to Macau Tower. I remember it because I hated it so much. It was so so scary. How about your favorite game? Haha: Anything else. Something safe. Eating missions. Q: If you could choose anywhere in the world to do Running Man, which country would you pick and why? Kim Jongkook: Right here in the States. Haha: Uhhh Reporter: Jamaica? Kim Jongkook: He loves Jamaica but he doesn’t want to go to Jamaica. Haha: It’s scary over there… Montego Bay. I would like to film there. 5Soompi: If you could pick one idol group to be in, which one would you pick and why? Haha: For me… BIGBANG. I really like BIGBANG. Kim Jongkook: I think it’s just cause he wants to go into YG Entertainment. Haha: I’ve known G-Dragon since he was very young, before he was an idol. G-Dragon is cool. I’m going to raise my son as G-Dragon. Kim Jongkook: Me too, BIGBANG. Or 2PM. Soompi: Because of their bodies? Kim Jongkook: (laugh) Yes, we have similar bodies. I’d fit in. 2 To see Kim Jongkook’s 2PM-like body (seriously, we have pics), be sure to stay tuned for Soompi’s recap of the event, coming soon! A special thank-you goes out to Tune Entertainment for allowing Soompi to cover the event.

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