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"We Got Married" Kim So Eun: "If I Were 100 Kilograms, Would You Not Stay with Me?"


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The December 13 broadcast of “We Got Married” includes couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun enjoying a night camping trip. Song Jae Rim wanted to go camping with Kim So Eun so he prepared snacks like fish cake and red bean cakes, along with a camping car. But as the camping car was something Kim So Eun did not imagine, her reaction was curious. When they arrived at the campsite, Kim So Eun started frying the red bean cakes and asked her husband, “Don’t I seem like an old lady?” Song Jae Rim started acting out a scenario, asking “Are you cooking alone?” As she is used to Song Jae Rim’s style by now, Kim So Eun played along, asking “Do you want to cook together?” creating a sweet atmosphere. Later in the evening, Kim So Eun shared that she wanted to film a movie where her character was heavyset, and that she would gain weight for the role. Song Jae Rim responded by saying that he would just earn the money. Kim So Eun then challenged him by asking, “If I were 100 kilograms (220 pounds), would you not stay with me?” [tv]Find out how Song Jae Rim responds by watching We Got Married right here on Soompi TV![/tv] WGM Kim So Eun Song Jae Rim1

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