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San E Criticized for Rude Behavior at Event, Brand New Music Responds


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Rapper San E’s agency Brand New Music has released an official statement regarding the rapper being late to the Asan Owl Festival, which was held in late October of this year.

The statement is in response to an anonymous post that was submitted on an online form criticizing the artist for his behavior that day.

The post, from December 11, reads, “I’m writing to make known an incident where a celebrity showed terrible manners. The event that day was supposed to go from 5 p.m. to 12:10 a.m., and hip hop artist San [San E; the post doesn’t reveal his full name] was supposed to start his show at 11:30. At 11:25, while everyone was on standby, [San E] still had not arrived, and when someone called, he said he would be 20 minutes late. In the end, I went up to DJ in his place. He eventually arrived at 12, a full 30 minutes late.”

Continuing, the message states that there was no apology from San E, and that on top of being late, setting up took even more time. “In the midst of all that, San E insisted that the stage be cleaned of any drops of water, and so the staff took to cleaning the stage,” says the writer.

“[San E’s] manager yelled and cursed at other staff members to help clean, and [San E] just stood by and watched over it all, as if he was the boss,” the post says, emphasizing that the spectators had waited a long time to watch such a short performance. The writer mentions an apology from San E, which “was a Facebook post that looked like it was drawn on a Galaxy Note, saying ‘I’m Sorry ㅠ.ㅠ.’”

Brand New Music responded to the post on December 12, starting off, “It’s difficult to confirm who wrote the post, and as such, we believe it’s purpose is simply to malign.”

“We had told the event promoters two days prior that we would be arriving at 12, and arriving at 11:50 on the day of the event, San E, due to possible injury, respectfully asked that the stage be cleaned of water. San E expressed his apologies for the regretfully short performance; there was no harsh language as the anonymous post suggests,” says Brand New Music.

“The event organizers are still not answering their phones. According to the manager that was at the event, they had been rude throughout the event that day, and for whatever reason, said to our manager, ‘Just see what the news says tomorrow.’”

The agency concludes, asking that they hope there is no misunderstanding from fans regarding this incident.

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