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Sean Shares Photos of His Work on a Charity Food Truck


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Sean has rolled out YG’s charity food truck, known as “Bopcha.”

Sean documented the volunteer activity on his Instagram, releasing photos of the scene. “How is Bopcha this delicious,” the artist wrote. “Seriously, the food we are giving out is so good! The YG Bopcha is out at the Sejong Village Purme Center! We are sharing our food with children with disabilities and their parents.”

He continued, “We heard that 150 people would be showing up, but 300 people have come. The volunteers and YG staff have all done a great job. As honorary ambassador for the Purme Foundation, I’d like to thank everyone!  Today was a great day~.” Sean also uploaded an exclusive images of the Bopcha, writing “Bopcha proof shot.”

The Bopcha is a part of YG Entertainment’s “YG WITH Campaign,” in which YG artists and staff work to promote a charitable culture. The Bopcha will continue to be sent out to in order provide a warm meal for those in need.

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