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Bumkey's Second Trial Wraps Up, Witness Testifies that Bumkey Sold Him Meth on Several Occasions


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A second trial for singer  Bumkey (Kwon Ki Bum) following his arrest for the distribution Philopon (Methamphetamine) and Ecstasy was held on December 11 at the Seoul Eastern District Court. Bumkey was arrested and charged in October and reportedly had his first trial on November 11. Although a total of three witnesses were expected to attend the trial, only one of the three, Mr. Song, appeared, so the trial proceeded with just Mr. Song’s testimony. Mr. Song testified that he purchased Philopon through Bumkey from 2011-2012, and confirmed that he acquired the drug from the singer on multiple occasions, purchasing one to two grams each time. It looks like the decision of the court will depend on the authenticity of the witness’s testimony. Granted, the purchases happened two years ago, but Mr. Song was unable to remember the precise locations or dates of when he acquired the illicit drug from the defendant, and simply stated with certainty that he did in fact give Bumkey money in exchange for the drug. In response to the prosecution’s questions, Mr. Song gave very quick answers in the affirmative, whereas during cross examination, he replied to the defense attorney’s questions with “I don’t remember” and “It’s been too long, so I don’t really know.” The defense lawyer therefore contested the authenticity of Mr. Song’s testimony, to which the prosecution responded, “It has been a while” and “The witness met up with Bumkey many times for reasons other than [buying and selling] Philopon. He also purchased Philopon from Bumkey many more times than is listed on the arraignment sheet, so that is why he is getting confused.” The defense insisted that since no precise dates have been given, it is difficult to give a rebuttal. Thus far, each side has failed to present a clear case, so it looks like the trial process will be drawn out. At the third trial, which is set to take place on January 15 of next year,  the two witnesses who were unable to make it to the second trial will appear via subpoena and offer their testimonies. There is also a high probability that a witness called by the defense will also take to the stand. Source (1) See also: Bumkey Revealed to Have Been Arrested and Charged for Distribution of Meth and Ecstasy

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