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SM Discussing Legal Action Against Chinese Company Over Use of Luhan's Image


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Former EXO star Luhan has been brought up in a copyright infringement controversy, after a Chinese cosmetics brand called KanS allegedly used a photograph of Luhan taken in his EXO days, according to a report from media outlet eDaily. The image of the star holding a pink heart over his eye is said to have originally been taken during a promotional campaign that Luhan took part in while still a member of EXO. If this is the case, the advertisement could represent a breach of copyright. SM announced, “We have looked into the matter, and it appears that SM is the copyright holder of these images. We are now considering possible legal action against the parties who used this image without permission.” According to eDaily, if Luhan assisted the company in using these images, he may also face some form of punishment. A representative for the talent agency told media outlet OSEN, “We are currently discussing what steps we will be taking with our legal team.” Luhan departed EXO in October of this year, and began work on a movie project called “Back to 20.” The star held a press conference on December 10 ahead of the film’s release in China. Source (1) (2) Luhan1

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