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Bumkey Revealed to Have Been Arrested and Charged for Distribution of Meth and Ecstasy


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It was revealed that hip hop artist Bumkey (Kwon Ki Bum) was arrested and charged in October for distribution of Philopon (Methamphetamine) and Ecstasy. According to the prosecutor’s office, Bumkey is being charged for selling approximately six grams of Philopon and ten Ecstasy pills to two of his acquaintances as well as taking Ecstasy on two different occasions from the period of August 2012 to September 2013. While the singer has denied the charges, evidence was found in the testimonies of those that took the drugs and account transactions, all substantiating the charges, the prosecution explained. Newsen reports that the first trial was held on November 11, where the charges were recited and the proceedings of the case were discussed. The second trial is set to be held this afternoon (December 11), with Bumkey in attendance. Bumkey’s agency Brand New Music said on the morning of December 11 in a press release, “First off, we find it regrettable that our agency artist Bumkey has been caught up in this scandal, and we sincerely apologize.” “Bumkey is denying the claims being made, and we, Brand New Music, plan to reveal the complete truth in court. We request that you refrain from any speculation on the matter, and we ask for your patience,” the agency added, once again apologizing for the cause of concern. Source (1) (2) (3)

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