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"The Technicians" Reveals Heartwarming Stills from Set

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The movie "The Technicians" revealed stills of the set with a heartwarming atmosphere. In the photos revealed on December 10, the actors are interacting amicably with each other off-camera where all blueprints and strategies are forgotten. Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young Chul, who will be playing adversaries in the movie, show an unexpectedly close relationship off-camera. In particular, a still in which Kim Woo Bin, who is massaging his senior Kim Young Chul's shoulders, and Kim Young Chul, who looks content to let Kim Woo Bin do so, is especially striking. The Technicians 2 Kim Young Chul's continuous love for his juniors didn't stop there. Im Joo Hwan continued on with his character as Secretary Lee beside him. If in the movie, he was President Cho's loyal assistant, off-camera, he was Kim Young Chul's right hand. As Go Chang Suk said, "Kim Young Chul is very warm and kind to us, like a big brother might be," Kim Young Chul plays a charismatic and unyielding character in the movie, but on set, he was a senior who was constantly encouraging his juniors. Go Chang Suk and Lee Hyun Woo's new visual chemistry as they play the best technicians in the industry also are garnering attention. Lee Hyun Woo said, "I was a bit lonely because there were a lot of scenes where I had to move alone and quietly. So when I was filming with my seniors, I was especially happy," while putting a friendly hand on Go Chang Suk. Through their interactions, it is possible to glimpse at the two men's close friendship. Meanwhile, "The Technicians" portrays a story of technicians who must steal 100 billion won in just 40 minutes from Incheon customs. The movie will premiere on December 24.

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