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INFINITE's L Hopes Fans Could Compliment Him for Other Qualities aside from Being Good-Looking

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At a recent filming of the KBS 2TV talk show "Family's Dignity: Full House," the topic of "What do you want to have: Looks or Ability?" was discussed and INFINITE's L, who was one of the guests, mentioned that ability is more important than looks. The singer-actor then told his story of how his good-looking appearance has actually caused him inconvenience. "During INFINITE's fan signing sessions, the other members get various compliments such as 'Oppa, your voice is nice,' 'You are attractive when you smile,' while I only get to hear, 'Oppa, you're handsome," L opened up. "I also want to hear that I have other charms but even when I ask our fans, I'm disappointed that they can't mention anything else aside from my looks," said L. Singer Jo Young Nam, who was also a guest at the show, commented, "I've lived my life not hearing (from anyone) that I'm handsome. I thought it's a nice thing (that you hear such a compliment,)" and L bowed his head to the singer as a form of apology, making the studio burst into laughter. Also in this episode, L and Jo Young Nam did a skit with gag woman Lee Soo Ji wherein they acted out the roles of "handsome senior with no abilities" and "ugly yet capable guy." This episode of "Family's Dignity: Full House" will air on December 10, 11:10 p.m. (KST) on KBS 2TV.

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