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Stars Deliver “Letters from Angels” in Support of Adoption

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letters from angels Many stars, including WINNER, M.I.B's Kangnam, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Kwang Soo, and more took part in the 12th annual photo shoot for photographer Jo Se Hyun’s “Letters from Angels” campaign, which is known to be a nationwide campaign for the purpose of increasing awareness and helping to spread the importance of adoption. This project was first established in 2003, and this year, the campaign decided to focus on single male stars as advocates of the cause. The “Letters of Angels” exhibit is scheduled to open up this month from December 17-23. Read what these stars had to share about their experience supporting such a great cause! letters from angels winner WINNER “We are very happy just to be able to help even a little bit in raising awareness for domestic adoption and to give back some of the great love we receive. We hope that these beautiful babies Do Yul and Ji Hoon find a good family, meet good parents, and grow up well to become adults who can give help to others as well. We are extremely happy to be a part of such a great cause." letters from angels lee seo jinLee Seo Jin “It’s not an easy task to actually find and take part in a good cause, but I’m very thankful to have met photographer Jo Se Hyun to have an opportunity to participate in such meaningful work. I hope angel-like Ji Hoon, who I met today, gets adopted by a great family and grows up happily. What more could I ask for. Wouldn’t that be the happiest thing for not only Ji Hoon, but myself, as well as all those who support ‘Letters from Angels?’” letters from angels park seo joonPark Seo Joon “I have a niece/nephew about the same age as Hee Yong, whom I met today. He’s at an age when he should be receiving so much love…it’s heartbreaking. I think it’s amazing and relieving to know that by just participating [in this campaign], I can contribute to the increase in adoption rates. I will watch over and show more interest in the issue of domestic adoption in the future. I hope that Hee Yong meets a good family and grows up healthy and happy. After time passes, until the day we are able to meet again, I sincerely pray that [Hee Yong] will always be happy." letters from angels yeo jin gooYeo Jin Goo “I’ve never had experience holding a baby, so I think I may have made Yi Seul feel uncomfortable, but Yi Seul still smiled so much. I was so thankful, and just holding her strangely made me choke up a bit. I think I felt many different emotions during that short time. To be honest, I had always thought that the word ‘adoption’ was something distant from me. However, through ‘Letters from Angels,’ I directly felt the heaviness [of the cause], and I also feel a sense of responsibility to have more interest in it from now on. It’s disappointing that my time with Yi Seul was so short. I hope we have a chance to meet again later." letters from angels yoo yeon sukYoo Yeon Suk “It’s really heartbreaking to think about why these children with such beautiful smiles are now alone, although things have improved a lot from the past, with the help of ‘Letters from Angels’ and many others’ efforts. I hope that even this small act on my part will add to the efforts and that even just one more child can be adopted by a good family. I wish Tae Min, who first greeted me with a big smile, will never lose the smile he has now, and grows up to be a happy child.” letters from angels kim young kwangKim Young Kwang “It was my first time holding a baby as small as Yeo Jin. Although holding [a baby] was harder than I thought, it’s an honor to simply be of help to Yeo Jin just by spending time with her. When Yeo Jin grows up to see this photo and is able to read my letter, I will probably be an ahjussi, but I will always pray that she meets a good mom and dad and lives well. When I see children like Yeo Jin, I will continue to work hard to help with any opportunity I have." letters from angels lee soo hyukLee Soo Hyuk “I’ve always only thought vaguely of adoption, but after actually holding Min Seo in my own arms, I feel a heavy sense of responsibility. I took part because I wanted to be of help to Min Seo, however, I feel like I’m the one who received help from Min Seo instead. I will have to try even harder to become a great actor that will make Min Seo—who allowed me to experience this great and rewarding feeling—proud.” letters from angels park min wooPark Min Woo “I’ve always been deeply moved seeing seniors Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra [adopt]. I think that’s why I naturally came to think about what I could do. I honestly think there’s a limit to the things I can actually do to directly offer a lot of help [to the cause]. I believe the role I can play is to help expand, so that those who work professionally in this field can move more efficiently. I hope Ji Eun can meet a good family and grow up like a princess, receiving a lot of love, so we can meet each other again someday.” letters from angels lee dong wookLee Dong Wook “I really love children. I think I’m able to play and get along with children because my mental age matches well (laughs). Although I was a bit taken aback that Han Kyul cried out of surprise, I will forever treasure and remember the time we spent together today. I hope Han Kyul will grow up well in a happy family and that there will come a day when she is able to smile thinking of this day.” letters from angels lee kwang sooLee Kwang Soo “Yong Hyun was so warm when I held him in my arms. I hope he will be adopted into a good home as soon as possible and receive the love he wasn’t able to until now. No, I’m sure he is receiving love now too, but I hope he receives even more love than that. I will also give a lot of love to my own child whenever I have one, so that they can always feel just how much they are being loved.” letters from angels kangnamM.I.B’s Kangnam “I came to take part in ‘Letters from Angels’ with the hope that even one more child can be adopted by a good family through me. I believe that if I am in the position to be able to help someone, I have to give help, without a doubt. Even if it means taking advantage of my popularity right now, I still hope these children will meet great parents and get adopted.” letters from angels bong tae kyuBong Tae Gyu “I believe adoption is an extremely special and amazing thing from the perspective of the parent as well as the child. The problem is the perception of adoption of the people around them. I think it’s important for people to think of adoption, not as a ‘special deed,’ but as a completely natural ‘relationship.’ I hope to hear good news soon that Sang Ho met a new family!”

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