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Highlights: "Modern Farmer" Episode 15

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Episode 15 of “Modern Farmer” alleviates some of the built-up tension from the previous episode, but not enough to feel quite comfortable yet. Things continue to be difficult between Kang Yoon Hee and Lee Min Ki since the night he talked to Yoo Na, and Kang Min Ho secretly finds out about his father. 1. The truth about Kang Yoon Hee’s breakup comes to light. Turns out that Lee Hyun Suk never knew about his son — he left Kang Yoon Hee before she found out she was pregnant. The man gave Kang Yoon Hee an ultimatum, go with him abroad to pursue piano, or he would leave without her. Her parents had literally just died, and she was still in her mourning period. She had a little brother to take care of; she was all he had. So of course she refused, and he left without another word. yoonheepast_modernfarmer2.  The “Country Life Village Experience” winter business idea. Since not much can really be grown and harvested during the winter, Kang Yoon Hee comes up with the idea of a tourist attraction to raise money. Set up a web page where curious city people can sign up to experience country life. Each villager will be in charge of something different. While it seems like a pretty good idea, not everyone is exactly keen on the idea. everyone_modernfarmer 3. Han Ki Joon tries to get Bul Ja her overdue pay. Bul Ja learns that her mother is very ill, but has no money to go to the hospital. Stressed about her lack of money, she reveals to Han Ki Joon that she had not been paid by her old job as she goes to town to speak with them. Upset for her, Han Ki Joon decides to go into the factory in her place and demand her pay.  Of course this does not go as planned and he is met with… harsh refusal. kijoonfightfail_modernfarmer4. Hotteok starts finding money… When Yoo Han Chul’s dog comes back with money not once, but twice, Lee Soo Yun and her sunbae start suspecting he had found the five million dollars. Frantically following Hotteok around, the girls eventually find that the dog had been taking money from Lee Soo Yun’s sunbae’s coat pocket the entire time. sooyunsunbae_modernfarmer5. The actual location of the real money is finally revealed… to the audience. With the way this show always is, it comes as no surprise that the five million dollars seems to be in the group’s cabbage field. On top of that, the man who put the money somewhere in the village is finally waking from his coma… endcollage_modernfarmer [tv]Catch Modern Farmer every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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