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Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - December Week 2

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It's been another great week in Dramaland filled with touching and funny moments. Here are our ten favorite. tc1. "Tomorrow Cantabile": You Changed My Life That back hug! Allow us to swoon again please! What a sweet ending. It's amazing how Nae Il was able to enter Yoo Jin’s life and make an impact! Romance was not the main focus of the story, but it felt great to experience how one person could make music greater than a sound. Nae Il may have annoyed Yoo Jin at first but their story surely ended on a beautiful note. We loved this moment because back hug lingered like a good classical note that you couldn't let go of. p12. "Pinocchio": "It's cold" means "I love you" The first thing In Ha does after a speedy recovery from shingles is unleash her anger at Dal Po. But unfortunately for her, every attempt at hurting his feelings is thwarted by her hiccups. She laments her inability to get over him, blaming it on the cold then he surprises her with an emotional back hug and also blames it on the cold. These two are in sync even when they don't want to be. 3. "Mr. Baek": Sweet and Sour Tears Go Bong weeps as he remembers making his son eat jjajangmyeon despite his request for sweet and sour pork. He'd also dismissed his son when he complained that he hadn't shown up for a school function. He didn't see the big deal because he'd been busy with work and his mother attended. In the present, he weeps as he eats sweet and sour pork, regretting that he hadn't been more attentive and loving to his son. It's one of the major themes of the last few episodes but we also loved that it was a more relatable moment to the audience. How many parents always give their kids what they want? And many parents sacrifice family time to keep a roof over their heads. It was a moment that made us want to hug Go Bong as many good parents understand his pain. 4. "Misaeng": Keep your hands off us! Department Head Ma is a selfish, sexist, violent and tyrannical boss. Not only is he unable to be civil to his underlings, he doesn't even seem to be an expert in his field as his specialty is yelling at them about things he's not very knowledgeable about. So we loved it when Resource Team 2 stood up to him and told him to stop hitting them. We can't wait till the CEO fires him! RL15-15. "Rosy Lovers": What could have been. On "Rosy Lovers," after finding out the little girl she's filming with is her own daughter, Jang-Mi was a massive ball of confusion. This week, she gets another huge shock when she sees ex-lover Cha-Dol smiling happily with their daughter and a new lady friend. The surprise and regret are written all over her face but does she fully understand what she's missed out on? We're not sure if it's possible to redeem Jang-Mi and kind of hope Cha-Dol moves on but that would probably be going against the OTP!

6. "Legendary Witch": Why is he with her?
Soo-In, one of the heroine's of "Legendary Witch," purchased her own bakery truck this week and opened for business. When Woo-Seok shows up with flowers to congratulate her, they laugh and share a high-five, completely unaware that the desperate, clingy second-lead, Joo-Hee is watching them.
Joo-hee is shocked to discover her Oppa knows Soo-In and immediately wonders how and when they met. Shall we place bets on which evil trick she tries first? *heh* 7. "Pride and Prejudice": I don't deserve happiness Dong Chi asks Yeol Moo why she never responds to any of his personal questions. Her answer is both sad and expected. She blames herself for her brother's death which her family has been unable to move past. She can't respond to his questions because she can't accept his love. Why? Because she doesn't believe she has the right to happiness while the rest of her family suffers in pain. t10w13c8. "Valid Love": Where it hurts As a class assignment, Kim Il Ri must break open a pollack to find its otolith, unfortunately this fish is proving to be a hard one to crack. Her teacher and crush, Jang Hee Tae, steps in to help by hitting it over her head, then breaking it open. Upset, she repays him by shoving the fish's body between his legs. His facial expression says it all, as he must walk off the embarrassment and the pain. t10w13b9. "Dr. Frost": Breaking the ice With their case not going so well, Yoon Sung Ah hits the bottle hard. She criticizes Dr. Baek Nam Bong, aka Dr. Frost, for his cold ways and advises him not to live like that. Things only get funnier when he must piggy back her home and she continues with her tirade. However, even as she talks down to him, his sole response is to psychologically analyze her. She then takes him off guard by putting her head on his chest, which makes his heartbeat, and triggers the most human reaction from Frost yet. Visibly flustered, we learn he has a heart and it can be moved! We are hoping to see more human aspects to this genius in coming episodes. t10w13a10. "Sweden Laundry": Anything but sweet Normally we don't advocate violence, but we were loving the scene where Kim Bom gets into a cat fight with an office worker that has been the source of rumors which has ruined her fellow colleague's life. While in the elevator with her, Kim Bom over hears her spreading lies about her colleague's relationship with the manager and civilly asks her not to do so, but then the office worker decides to loop Bom in as a participant in the fictitious affair. This angers Bom and resorts to hair pulling and brawling. The scene is made only more hilarious when Bom receives a call in the midst of fighting, she callously answers the phone, but quickly becomes demure when she realizes it's her first love on the line. With scenes like these, there is no need to wonder why we need our K-drama fix each week. This is Couch Kimchi's top 10, let us know what was yours and we'll see you again next week!

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