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Henry Amuses Fans and Reporters by Shaving at the Airport

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Henry recently entertained fans with an amusing picture of himself doing something quite peculiar and unexpected in a very public place. These days, the airport has become one of the most public locations in Korea for well-known figures—even to the point of being called a ‘runway’ for celebrities. While most stars put on their best face and most stylish outfits, Henry seems to have decided to break away from the norm. On December 5, the members of Super Junior passed through Gimpo International Airport before departing to Osaka for the group’s “Super Show 6” concert in Japan. Just before their departure, while the group was waiting in line to have their passports inspected, Henry reached into his backpack to take out a surprising object. That object ended up being an electric razor, which he used to begin shaving his upper lip, puzzling the photographers and fans that were present at the scene. Whether Henry suddenly remembered that he forgot to shave, or whether he was putting on a fun show for the fans, Henry certainly gave everyone a good laugh. He further entertained fans with his Instagram post about the incident, saying, “I didn’t think anyone was watching! lol shaving at the airport.” Check out the hilarious photo below! henry

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