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Yoo Seung Ho Writes a Heartfelt Message for His Fans after Discharge from Military Service

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Actor Yoo Seung Ho, who was discharged from his mandatory military service yesterday, left a heartfelt message for his fans at his fan cafe. "I want to thank everyone who came out to the ceremony today despite the cold weather," he started. He honestly admitted, "Truthfully, I don't know what to say at the moment. I've been discharged, but it feels like I should be going back soon. I'm repeatedly writing and erasing what I'm trying to say." He also commented on how he shed tears at the discharge ceremony that took place on December 4. "I remember thinking, before I enlisted, 'why do celebrities cry when they are discharged?' But now I understand why they shed those tears. I couldn't hold them in back then. It's impossible to express those feelings into words." He continued, saying, "I served my 21 months but it pains me to see my juniors still there. And thankful. I'm grateful for my commander. And I'm sorry that I'm leaving. We went through so much, and when all those priceless memories that only those of us in Unit 10 will share flew past my eyes, tears started falling." He brought up his fans as well. "And the fans. The second wave of tears burst when I saw so many cameras. I've looked through the articles, and there are only pictures of me crying." "Apparently women hate it the most when guys talk about the military, but this is the only thing I can talk about at the moment. Just think of me as your own little brother complaining about how difficult everything was." He concluded his post by saying, "While serving, my dreams changed. Now I want to become an actor that gives people happiness. I want someone to watch my work and really enjoy those moments they spend watching it. That's my dream. I'm going to begin again with the dream of becoming an 'actor that gives people happiness.' I want to thank all the fans who have waited until now." Yoo Seung Ho will be holding fan meetings in Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai, staring on December 21. See also: Yoo Seung Ho Moved to Tears by Fans at Military Discharge Ceremony

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