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"Misaeng" Oh Min Suk Reveals His First Impression of Kang Sora

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Actor Oh Min Suk revealed what his first impression was of "Misaeng" costar Kang Sora. Oh Min Suk, currently acting as Assistant Manager Kang in the drama, recently interviewed with TVdaily. “My first filming scene was in a meeting room. I didn’t realize Kang Sora was next to me while I was waiting for my turn. While I was getting ready to start filming, someone greeted me. I thought to myself, ‘Hey, that’s Kang Sora.’ It felt like meeting a real celebrity,” the actor said. “I didn’t know that her face was so small,” he continued. “I was surprised at how she was even more beautiful in person.” Oh Min Suk also talked about what Resource team Assistant Manager Ha (Jeon Seok Ho) and Ahn Young Yi (Kang Sora) were like behind the scenes. Oh Min Suk said, “The Resource team is like a family. Surprisingly, Kang Sora gets along well with her surroundings. I did not know that she would be so easy-going and playful, which was good to see.” “Assistant Manager Ha is the only character who is loved by the audience, although he insulted a woman. It seemed like he was really cursing when acting,” he added. “People would have made a scene if a man cussed out a girl in another drama. It is surprising how ‘Misaeng’ is so popular despite such a bad-mouthed character.” Although the Resource team’s improving relationship is heartwarming, the Steel team, which includes Oh Min Suk and Kang Ha Neul’s awkward bromance, is also notable. “We tried to have a group dinner, but lately we are all too busy. I am close with Kang Ha Neul in real life,” he said. “Though people tell me I look smart, I think Kang Ha Neul looks more intellectual than me.” [tv]You can watch Misaeng right here on SoompiTV![/tv]

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