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Block B's Taeil and U-Kwon Rumored to Be Preparing Solos, Reports Deny

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On December 3, on the red carpet for the 2014 MAMA, Block B’s P.O dropped a hint about an upcoming solo from the group: “The name of the member is secret, but one of our members will be releasing a solo song.” Following, reports were released on December 5 that Block B is getting ready to set not one, but two of its members on the solo track. According to Star News and Xportsnews, members Taeil and U-kwon will be releasing solos in January, for which they are allegedly preparing right now. The report from Xportsnews even went so far as to state that the group could be releasing a unit as soon as March of next year. However, in the midst of these reports are also ones that state the opposite, that the news of solo releases from Taeil and U-kwon are not true. TV Report quotes a statement from an anonymous source from Block B’s agency: “We were taken aback after seeing the news. There are no plans for a solo release from U-kwon or Taeil.” The source went on to state that Block B has Japanese promotions scheduled for January, and that “we don’t even have a song prepared, how would we release one in January?” Media outlet The Fact also reported a statement from an anonymous source, who said that while mention of solo album preparations were made at the Block B concert, the details, including which member and when, have yet to be decided. Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

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