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Kim Tae Woo’s Daughter Ji Yul Makes a Surprise Appearance on “Happy Together 3”

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Kim Tae Woo appears as a guest on the December 4 episode of “Happy Together 3,” a variety talk show hosted by Yoo Jae Suk. The episode brought together celebrities known to eat a lot, with others guests being actress Kim Yoo Jung, comedian Kim Joon Hyun, singer Hong Jin Young, and singer Fei from miss A. All the guests bragged about their voracious appetites, but as Korean entertainment’s representative “big eater,” Kim Tae Woo shared many interesting stories related to his group g.o.d’s eating habits. During filming, Kim Tae Woo’s second daughter Kim Ji Yul made an unexpected appearance, surprising everyone and brightening the mood on set. The father and daughter appear on the reality show “Oh! My Baby” and many fans are falling for little Kim Ji Yul, who resembles her father both in looks and eating habits. Though Kim Ji Yul always eats well, viewers can anticipate this new rising star’s special display of eating on this episode of “Happy Together 3.”

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