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“Hidden Singer 3” Will Open an All-Star Showdown for the Season Finale

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JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 3,” a music variety show that searches for ‘buried talent’ through a contest between the real singer and imitation geniuses, is opening an all-star showdown. It is the perfect ending for the season to prepare for an even better stage for the next. The JTBC “Hidden Singer 3” all-star showdown press interview was held on December 4 at the 63 building in Yeouido, Seoul. “We are not holding an all-seasons all-star showdown because we are ending the show,” producer Cho Seung Wook said. “We planned this in order to look back on the past three seasons and open a festive platform.” Over the past three seasons, “Hidden Singer 3” both rediscovered singers and songs of theirs that had been forgotten with time, bringing amateur singers with masterly mimicking skills and vocal techniques to light. It managed to not only entertain the audience but also move them. During the three seasons, 10 mimicking geniuses were elected, and they will be competing for the title of best imitator at the all-star showdown. “They are like my children, and I am proud of them,” said Jeon Hyun Moo, MC of “Hidden Singer,” when he saw all the imitation champions together. “I might tear up when this all-star showdown is over.” “Hidden Singer,” which has been successful every season, will take a break to prepare for a new start after the showdown. “The hardest part of preparing for 'Hidden Singer' was recruiting singers and finding skilled imitators. That is why we couldn’t do a Byun Jin Sup special,” Cho Seung Wook said. “I can’t make any promises when, but we will continue with season four when we are ready.” The all-star showdown of “Hidden Singer 3” will be aired this coming December 6 at 11 p.m.

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