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Mothers of "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Cook a Surprise Meal for the Families

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In the December 7 broadcast of the popular variety show "Dad! Where Are We Going?" the families will be going to Pihwagi Village, where they will attempt a 'back to the beginning, self-sufficiency' vacation. The mothers of each families made a surprise visit to the Oji Village, which sits at an altitude of 900m, and they prepared a variety of dishes in an effort to cheer on the fathers and children who had been working hard despite the cold weather. In spite of their nervousness, the well-prepared mothers cooked with various dishes with military precision. It was said that the fathers speechless at the dishes that were on a completely different level to the meals the fathers had prepared so far. [tv]You can watch Dad! Where Are We Going? right here on SoompiTV![/tv]

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