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Highlights: "Pride and Prejudice" Episodes 10 and 11

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It turns out that I jumped to a few conclusions last week, and this week’s episodes of “Pride and Prejudice” had to set me straight. We're digging deeper into the mystery of Kang Soo’s origins, and how they do—or don’t—relate back to Han Byeol, Chang Gi, and the huge web of corruption in the country's prosecution leadership. These were my five favorite scenes from episodes 10 and 11 of “Pride and Prejudice”:

1. Kang Soo isn’t Han Byeol after all

And that is why I should never assume that a drama mystery has been answered before everybody has a long, feelings-filled conversation about it. Although Kang Soo was kidnapped on the same day as Han Byeol and had some sort of contact with him, he is a different person entirely. In fact, he is the child that Dong Chi saved, which I find beyond adorable. Yes, it’s terrible for Yeol Moo that her temporary hope that maybe her brother survived is dashed, but I am glad for Dong Chi that he didn’t fail on that day fifteen years ago. He really did save a life. All around, this was a lovely sequence. I loved that it was long enough that the performances and the writing were given the space to breathe. With every episode, I like Yeol Moo more and more, and her reaction to Kang Soo’s identity is a perfect example of why—she’s heartbroken that her brother was always dead, but she makes sure that Kang Soo knows she values him for exactly who he is. pride and prejudice 10:11 choi jin hyuk finalpride and prejudice 10:11 baek jin hee finalpride and prejudice 10:11 lee tae hwan final

2. Yeol Moo is on Kang Soo’s side

Of course, since Yeol Moo isn’t Kang Soo’s actual noona, that means that his battle with Dong Chi for her heart rages on. Dong Chi has no trouble revealing to Yeol Moo that he and Kang Soo are competing with each other for something, and of course Yeol Moo adorably announces that whatever the contest is, she wants Kang Soo to win. I love it when Team Prosecutor gets to have some lighthearted fun. pride and prejudice 10:11 baek jin hee lee tae hwan finalpride and prejudice 10:11 choi jin hyuk 2 final

3. Dong Chi is being transferred?!

Well, this was unexpected. Like I said last week, I don’t really find the overarching corruption plotline interesting when it isn’t intersecting directly with our heroes, but now it’s having a direct effect on them, as Dong Chi is transferred to Daegu, effective immediately. Well, effective four days from now—which means that Team Prosecutor has less than a week to nail that gross doctor who sexually harassed all of his female employees. They’d better find a way to do it, though—if that creep doesn’t end up in jail, I’m calling MBC and making a complaint. pride and prejudice 10:11 choi jin hyuk 3 final

4. Chang Gi’s iguana impression

In a drama that’s filled with scenes about dead brothers, dead children, and horrific crimes, sometimes Son Chang Min acting like an iguana is just what the doctor ordered. pride and prejudice 10:11 son chang min final

5. “I’m afraid I’d be happy”

Here it is—the reason why Yeol Moo never reciprocates Dong Chi’s romantic advancements, even though she also doesn’t push him away. Like most aspects of Yeol Moo’s life, this broke my heart. She can’t accept Dong Chi’s feelings because she’s afraid that he would make her happy, and she doesn’t think she deserves that. This stems from Han Byeol’s death, of course, and one of the areas where I think “Pride and Prejudice” really shines is its depiction of how wrecked a family becomes after the death of a child. Fifteen years have passed, but for Yeol Moo and her parents, there’s a part of them that is always stuck in December 1999. I just hope that Yeol Moo and her parents can find some sort of peace by the end of the drama—and that Yeol Moo comes to understand that she absolutely deserves to be happy. pride and prejudice 10:11 baek jin hee 2 finalpride and prejudice 10:11 choi jin hyuk 4 final What did you think of this week's episodes of "Pride and Prejudice"? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pride and Prejudice on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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