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"Superman Returns" Sparks Controversy with Questionable Editing

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The producers of KBS2TV's "Superman Returns" are facing criticism due to the questionable editing of a scene involving Song Il Gook and his triplets. On the November 23 episode of the show, Lee Hwi Jae and his twins, Seo Eon and Seo Joon, paid a visit to Song Il Gook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. During the visit, Lee Hwi Jae gave toys as gifts to each of the triplets, but soon after handing them out, Dae Han and Man Se got into a fight over the toys. The episode showed Dae Han taking away a red toy that Man Se had been playing with, causing the youngest to burst in tears over the situation. To solve the conflict, Song Il Gook took both Dae Han and Man Se to an another room, and firmly explained to the children, "If you fight, then you can't have the toy." Next, he told the brothers to make up by hugging and giving each other a kiss, but Dae Han rejected any contact with his younger brother. As Dae Han is usually known for diligently listening to his father, the sudden change in his attitude raised questions about the details of the whole conflict. In an earlier scene, it can be seen that Lee Hwi Jae gave a blue toy to Man Se, a pink toy to Min Gook, and a red toy to Dae Han. In the following scenes, Dae Han can be seen playing with a blue toy while Man Se has a red toy in front of him, indicating that the brothers had simply exchanged the toys without either one of them getting upset. After playing with the toy for a while, Dae Han asked Man Se to give back the red toy, which originally belonged to Dae Han himself. However, the captions describe the situation with the words, "Dae Han shows interest in Man Se's toy," and, "Dae Han takes away Man Se's toy." Lee Hwi Jae, who seemed to be aware of the truth behind the conflict, asked Man Se, "Where's Man Se's [toy]? Man Se's toy is here," and when Man Se showed interest in playing with the red toy, Lee Hwi Jae continued to ask, "You want that one? You want Dae Han's one?" After finding out what actually happened, the show's viewers have expressed their disappointment over the captions written by the producers, claiming how the comments are 'inappropriate' and 'unfair.' Last month, "Superman Returns" was criticized for allowing more frequent appearance of the mothers on the show, which contrasts with the original intention of the program.

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