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Secret’s Hyosung Refutes Reports of Income Distribution Issues with TS Entertainment

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Following reports of another group under TS Entertainment allegedly having issues with income distribution, the leader of girl group Secret, Hyosung, has stepped forward to refute these reports’ association with her group. She also reassured the fans that were expressing worry for Secret after such reports were released.

On December 2, Hyosung wrote a message on Secret’s official fan cafe to ease fans’ worry as well as speak out against the rumors: “How are you doing, Secret Time? It seems like [a lot of you] have recently been worrying about words that are full of imagination that we have not said ourselves. Right now, we are spending each day happily and busily as we carry out our occasional schedules and preparing for our next album. Our babies, don’t worry about Secret. Instead, I hope you all pour your love and interest into other thoughts like how you can finish off the rest of December well, how you can greet the new year 2015 well, and what you would like to do at the fan club inauguration ceremony. That’s what I would be more thankful for.” Meanwhile, labelmates B.A.P are currently filing a lawsuit against their agency over the issue of a "slave contract." Untouchable, another group under TS Entertainment, will be starting up promotions after releasing a new track “Clockwork” on December 3.

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