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Girls' Generation's Sunny Sends Heartfelt Message to SONE

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Girls' Generation member Sunny has recently expressed her heartfelt sincerity to her fans through a post on her Instagram. On December 2, Sunny uploaded a selca on her personal Instagram account. While the selca would seem like any ordinary self-taken photo that Sunny normally uploads, a heartfelt and meaningful message was posted alongside it, making the selca an even more special one. In the photo she uploaded, Sunny smiles as she looks straight into the camera and holds up a V-sign. Together with the photo, Sunny posted her message to Girls' Generation's fans, SONE. First, she was apologetic for her selca which was a bit blurred and then went to say what she wanted to say. "I will upload a better selca. *laughs* I really really missed you. But I worried about what I should say to you... It's just that... let's just not talk about dark and heavy stuff. Let's understand each other's hearts like how we do, embrace each other, and move on. Let's smile together. I love you, unchanging as always~ SONE." Sunny then continued her message to their fans by saying, "The people whom I am most thankful of in my life...I will continue to protect this space. Even though it's sometimes hard.. I will do it enjoyably... while looking at our SONE.. and leaning only on our members. I love you, let's be happy," Sunny said in her message, together with the hashtags "Girls' Generation plus SONE equals one," and "We are one." SONE, what could you say about Sunny's message? 

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