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Highlights: "Modern Farmer" Episode 14

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Episode 14 of “Modern Farmer” keeps things moving along in terms of everyone’s relationships. With things looking up for Han Ki Joon and Bul Ja, and a romance seemingly blooming between Kim Soon Boon and Han In Ki, at least a few relationships aren’t becoming complicated. However, things are going to be roughening up for our main love line. 1. Yoo Han Chul cares for Lee Soo Yun after she faints. hanchulsooyun_modernfarmer When Lee Soo Yun faints from exhaustion, Yoo Han Chul is quick to step up to the plate and care for her. He stays with her all through the night, not even letting himself rest as he tends to her fever. After becoming exhausted himself, he gets sick, too. But once Lee Soo Yun finds out about what he did and is back on her feet, she cooks him some porridge to help his cold. Ecstatic, Yoo Han Chul doesn’t even care that he’s sick—Lee Soo Yun seems to care for him back. 2. Kang Min Ho reveals that Lee Min Ki is his father figure. familypicture_modernfarmer When Kang Yoon Hee discovers the picture her son drew in school about family, she is confused to see a third person. Kang Min Ho happily explains that it is Lee Min Ki and continues on to say that if he had a father, he would be just like Lee Min Ki. Later, Kang Yoon Hee approaches Lee Min Ki and tells him to stop being so kind to her son because when someone is too kind, misunderstandings occur. When he finishes farming, Lee Min Ki will leave, and thus leave behind those who have started depending on him. 3. Park Sang Deuk once again promises to stand firm for the relationship, but… sangdeukmiyoung_modernfarmer After trying to avoid Park Sang Deuk after the dating fell through, Yoo Mi Young is confronted by him at the coffee shop. He tells her that he is finally ready to stand up for their relationship, regardless of the reaction. But of course, the moment he spots Kim Soon Boon entering the coffee shop, he panics and hides. 4. Han Ki Joon’s mother makes a surprise visit to the village. kijoonmother_modernfarmer When Han Ki Joon’s mother shows up to the village because of her son’s birthday, Lee Min Ki and Kang Hyuk start panicking—if she found out the truth, she’d kill Han Ki Joon. Since the woman still thinks her son is studying for the national exam, she is confused about a lot of things. Desperate, Lee Min Ki and Kang Joon manage to convince her that they’re all studying and the house is study-intensive homestay of sorts. She runs into Han Ki Joon not long after, and he quickly picks up on the story and satisfies her. However, as his mother is leaving, whom would she happen to run into? The Microphone—Kim Soon Boon. Furious upon learning the truth, she rushes back to the house and lashes out at her son. Finally fed up with her trying to control him, Han Ki Joon asserts his independence. Though she leaves upset, Han Ki Joon follows after his mother and patches things up, leaving things on a happy note. 5. The audition day for National Singing Contest arrives… yoonheesinging_modernfarmer The day of the contest finally arrives, seeing both Kang Yoon Hee and Hwang Man Goo auditioning. Though embarrassing for everyone else, Hwang Man Goo goes on singing as he had from the beginning. Kang Yoon Hee, however, sings a beautiful ballad. Her emotional singing makes it clear that she is thinking of Lee Min Ki and herself through the lyrics. To everyone’s surprise, Kang Yoon Hee fails the audition… but Hwang Man Goo passes. However, as a comedic calm before the storm, the man ends up injuring himself when he falls of the national stage while dancing around. 6. A new bombshell is dropped… bombshell_modernfarmer Lee Hyun Suk, the man that got Kang Yoon Hee pregnant and left her with all the responsibilities and pain of raising a child as a single mother, returns. Throughout the show, every moment that has found Kang Yoon Hee faced with thinking about him has left her in clear emotional distress. But now he returns? Tell us what you think about this below! [tv]Catch Modern Farmer every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV![/tv]

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