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INFINITE Fans Pretend to be Reporters and Cause Disturbance at Movie Press Conference


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On December 1, the press conference for INFINITE’s upcoming world tour documentary titled, “Grow: INFINITE’s Real Youth Life,” opened up at the CGV theater located in Sungdong-gu, with the members of INFINITE as well as the director in attendance. During the event, fans of the group pretended to be reporters and intruded on the press premiere, causing a disturbance and forcing the event to be put on hold for some time. On this day, the scene was crowded with more reporters than usual. The problem was revealed to be a number of INFINITE fans who impersonated themselves as reporters in order to get into the venue. It is said that these fans even created fake business cards just to gain entrance into the press conference. As the seats set out for reporters were taken over by fans, the actual reporters were unable to take their places, causing the host to put a halt to the event for about 20 minutes to clear the chaos. A representative of the distribution company went onto the stage and stated, “We’re thankful that you are fans and came with interest. However, this is the first time that INFINITE filmed a real movie and are revealing it before reporters. Only the media officials should remain, If possible. Fans, please leave this place. If you [the fans] don’t help and continue to act in this manner, we will have to cancel the event and the artists that you like will not be able to premiere this movie in theaters. I am asking for this favor as the representative of the distributors.” Ultimately, the fans made their way out of the venue and the press conference was able to get back on track. Following this incident, member Woohyun bowed and offered an apology to the press: “Thank you for coming despite the cold weather. I apologize on behalf of the fans that attended this press conference and created a shameful situation.” Meanwhile, INFINITE’s upcoming movie will show the behind-the-scenes story of the group’s ‘One Great Step’ world tour that opened up in 11 countries and 17 cities. It is scheduled to hit theaters on December 4. infinite grow 2infinite grow Source (1) (2)

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