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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty" Episode 9


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Things are starting to be set in motion in episode 9 of “Birth of a Beauty.” With Sa Ra deciding to leave Sa Geum Ran behind and truly become a new person, she accepts her new fame. But with Gyo Chae Yun secretly knowing Sa Ra’s real identity, the future is looking a bit unsure.

1. Han Tae Hee rescues Sa Ra’s mother. taeheemother_birthofabeauty After managing to swipe her nurse’s phone, Shim Yeo Ok calls Eun Kyung Joo to alert her to the truth. The latter contacts Sa Ra to tell her the situation. Sa Ra is quick to respond even when Han Tae Hee warns her not to go by herself, knowing Lee Kang Joon would show up. After saving Sa Ra from being discovered and having a fight with her, Han Tae Hee decides to save her mother himself. Sneaking in as a nurse, he brings her a change of clothes and gets her out of there. 2. Sa Ra slowly reveals to Madam Park that her grandson is alive. saragrandmother_birthofabeauty Upon realizing that Han Tae Hee went to save her mother, Sa Ra decides to return the favor. She visits Madam Park in jail and hints to her that someone is watching over her and trying to get her out. After getting the okay from Han Tae Hee, she returns and reveals to Madam Park that her grandson is still alive, presenting her with Dong Geul’s bread. The woman is taken aback by the sudden revelation, not believing it at first, but Sa Ra’s words begin to settle in. 3. Gyo Chae Yun begins threatening her husband. chaeyunkangjoon_birthofabeauty Furious that Lee Kang Joon had asked for a divorce and the return of the property earlier, Gyo Chan Yun comes back with their marriage verification certificate. Even though they couldn’t actually get a marriage license, this certificate still means there would be a division of assets and alimony. With this threat, she forbids a divorce until she says so. She then sets down an agreement that allows their divorce after three weeks—the amount of time Sa Ra said she could get them divorced. 4. Han Tae Hee finally reveals himself as Madam Park’s grandson. taeheereveal_birthofabeauty Feigning cockiness, Han Tae Hee reveals his true identity to Han Min Hyuk. Han Tae Hee tells him that if he releases their grandmother and lets her be, then he’ll stay quiet as he has. It’s clear, however, that that won’t be the case. Using Sa Ra as his support, Han Tae Hee summons the courage to take the biggest step of all: revealing himself to all of the higher ups in the company’s network. 5. Han Tae Hee confesses to Sa Ra! taeheesarahug_birthofabeauty Earlier, Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee fought about her going to the hospital when she learned where her mother was. Han Tae Hee scolded her about her lack of judgment, telling her that if Lee Kang Joon had found her, her new life would be ruined. He told her that he’d save her mother so she didn't need to. Angry, Sa Ra pointed out that they will be strangers in the end anyway, so must she continue receiving his help? Clearly hurt, Han Tae Hee agreed and tried to discredit is love for her by creating excuses for his psychological assessment results. In the end, however, Han Tae Hee tells Sa Ra that he can’t live without her now and needs her. After his success in the Winner Group’s boardroom, he tells her this and pulls her into an embrace. With all this drama, where do you think the story is going? Tell us below! [tv]Catch Birth of a Beauty every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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