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Sistar's Hyorin Reveals Her Dislike of Dieting in Interview with Bnt International


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Sistar's main vocal Hyorin recently had a photo shoot and an interview with Bnt International.  In the photo shoot, Hyorin can be seen sporting various winter street wear, showing off her great figure. During the interview with the magazine, Hyorin revealed that she does not like dieting. "Singing high notes makes my body shiver because it's that difficult. If I started starving myself to have a good figure, I won't be able to withstand it." She added that she sings from her stomach, so she needs to eat very well. As a tip to maintain a great figure, Hyorin suggested cutting down on snacks. "Even if you stop eating snacks, you will start losing weight. I hate working out." She was also very honest in the interview, as she exclaimed, "I want to get a nose job but my company won't let me." Check out the behind-the-scenes video from Hyorin's photo shoot for Bnt International, along with more images, below. hyorin bnt 01hyorin bnt 02hyorin bnt 03hyorin bnt 04hyorin bnt 06hyorin bnt 07

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