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Highlights: "Pinocchio" Episode 6


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Episode six of “Pinocchio” sees all of our main characters starting their journalism careers in earnest. As such, it’s a busy episode, as they battle each other and the clock, desperately trying to get any scoop to relay back to their impatient, strict sunbaes. These were the my five favorite scenes of “Pinocchio” episode six:

1. Song Cha Ok gives good parenting advice

Honestly, I would not have anticipated that In Ha’s mother would have anything valuable to say on the subject of parenting. That was my bad. I forgot that even though she’s cold and completely without ethics, Cha Ok is still a very smart woman, as she proved when she went to visit Dal Pyung. Her advice that he allow In Ha to work at MSC was so spot-on—and we saw just how thrilled In Ha was when her father announced that he wouldn’t stand in the way of her dreams. So well done, Cha Ok (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!). pinocchio 6 jin kyung final

2. In Ha gets a little ahead of herself

This scene was so incredibly cute! Poor In Ha just can’t seem to keep her dignity intact with this crush on Dal Po, as she found out to her chagrin when she told him that she thought she was ready to move on, and then immediately hiccupped. My favorite part of the scene, though, was how after the hiccup, In Ha immediately said, completely deadpan, “I guess not.” I just found that hysterically funny. pinocchio 6 park shin hye 1 finalpinocchio 6 lee jong suk 1 finalpinocchio 6 park shin hye 2 final

3. The reporters’ room

This drama really isn’t making the reporter lifestyle appear glamorous at all. When our four rookies are lead to the room where reporters assigned the police station live, I almost gagged. The room is messy and filthy, and the thought of sleeping there is horrifying. Our heroes are just as disgusted as I felt, and the scene thus becomes a sort of contest between the four of them for who can make the funniest reaction face (the winner: Park Shin Hye). pinocchio 6 room finalpinocchio 6 the gang final

4. Dal Po is Tarzan

Bum Jo is a character I have trouble with. On the one hand, he’s funny in a sort of a ridiculous way (his scenes with his mom crack me up), and he seems to be a nice, good-natured guy. But because he’s been reading In Ha’s texts to her mother for years, he knows a lot about her personal life, and he acts like that makes him entitled to her affection. Plus he’s stalked her all the way to MSC without telling her that he was the text receiver. I find all of that really poor behavior. However, I was hugely amused by his assessment of Dal Po as the Tarzan of the police station. It makes sense to me that Dal Po, with his frank, down-to-earth affability, would get along with police officers, and I liked seeing Bum Jo be jealous of him (I admit it, I'm petty! I'm also very protective of Dal Po). pinocchio 6 lee jong suk 2 finalpinocchio 6 kim young kwang park shin hye final

5. Sweet dreams

This scene made me wonder if maybe sleeping in the reporters’ room isn’t so bad after all, as In Ha and Dal Po get in some quality snuggling time—even though she is asleep. I would like for both of them to be awake for future snuggling sessions, however. pinocchio 6 park shin hye lee jong suk finalpinocchio 6 lee jong suk 3 final Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pinocchio on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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