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iKON's B.I and Bobby Talk About First Impressions and Dream Collaborations in High Cut Magazine


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B.I and Bobby of YG Entertainment's upcoming 7-member group have recently made their first fashion editorial through the December issue of High Cut Magazine. The rappers of the upcoming group showed off their confidence in posing for the fashion magazine High Cut. As B.I and Bobby have been together for quite some time due as trainees and in the survival programs that they joined, the chemistry and good relationship between the two can be seen in the photos wherein their poses comfortably complement each other. In the interview, B.I and Bobby talked about their first impressions of each other. "My first impression was mild so I wondered what kind of hyung he'll be. As time passed, he also joked around a lot. In one word, he gives off the feeling of 'neighborhood foolish hyung,'" described B.I. Bobby shared, "His energy is strong so even if he's my dongsaeng, I was scared of him. So, when we first met, I remember we were using respectiful words to each other. The self-assertiveness is still as clear (now)." The two rappers were also asked who they want to add as members of and B.I replied, "I want to include President Yang Hyun Suk. (Because) if President Yang Hyun Suk will be included (in ), I think our debut will be faster," he said with a laugh. On the other hand, Bobby said that he'd like to bring in 1TYM member and YG Entertainment producer Teddy. "He knows about cool (things) very well so if he becomes an member, I think I'll improve more." When asked about which singers they want to collaborate with, B.I chose label mate CL of 2NE1 while Bobby chose Yoon Mi Rae. "If we get on the same stage, I will try to not lose (to her). Also, I think there will be a synergy effect when I receive (CL) noona's energy," said B.I. "I think there will be a lot to learn (from her). Her vibe on stage is truly cool," said Bobby about why he chose Yoon Mi Rae. See more of the cool photos of B.I and Bobby and read more about them in the December issue of High Cut which will be released on December 4. B.I, iKONiKON, B.I, Bobby

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