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Highlights: "Pinocchio" Episode 5


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In episode five of “Pinocchio,” all of our heroes have new jobs as rookie reporters—though not all at the same station. There’s plenty of drama at home as well, as In Ha deals with her newfound feelings, and Dal Po tries to keep his distance. These were my five favorite scenes of “Pinocchio,” episode five:

1. In Ha behind the counter

Park Shin Hye is just killing it in this role, and no scene better illustrates why than her never-ending convenience store breakdown. Dejected by the fact that Dal Po was offered a position by YGN but she was rejected (again), she sobs and tells her sad story to every customer she checks out, hiccupping all the while. What made this scene special, to my mind, was that even as I pitied In Ha, I was laughing hysterically. Yes, I want the best for In Ha—but she’s so wonderfully over-the-top when things don’t go her way. pinocchio 5 park shin hye 1 finalpinocchio 5 park shin hye 2 finalpinocchio 5 park shin hye 3 final

2. In Ha’s confession

This drama certainly wastes no time! One of the great results of In Ha’s Pinocchio syndrome is that she can’t hide facts that she considers important. So instead of hiding her crush on Dal Po for five episodes, she tells him almost immediately. I love that we have a heroine who is so forthright. I only wish that Dal Po would be inspired by her and try a little honesty. I understand why he didn’t tell In Ha that he’s had a crush on her for years, but I’m disappointed that his silence made her think that she’s alone in her feelings. pinocchio 5 park shin hye 4 finalpinocchio 5 lee jong suk 1 finalpinocchio 5 park shin hye lee jong suk final

3. Everybody bought Dal Po medicine

This scene was so sweet! When Dal Po is queasy at dinner (thanks to the autopsy he witnessed earlier that day), every family member independently buys him medicine. It’s such a subtle way to show us just how close-knit this family is. pinocchio 5 medicine final

4. Hyung takes his revenge seriously

Wow. Dal Po’s sweet-faced hyung Jae Myung has a lot of anger hidden behind his pleasant façade. Where Dal Po wants to use his position as a reporter to tell the truth about what happened to his family, Jae myung just wants to punish those he deems responsible—and his idea of punishment involves murder. I both love and hate this development: I love it because it’s such a dark, interesting route for this drama to take. But I hate it because I fear that Jae Myung sacrificed his chance for a happy ending with this revenge, and that makes me really sad. pinocchio 5 yoon kyoon sang finalpinocchio 5 liar final

5. Dal Po finally tells the truth

This scene was so immensely satisfying. Finally, Dal Po tells someone his real name, Ki Ha Myung. And much as I want for him to tell In Ha this particular truth, I think it’s really interesting that his first confidant is his new sunbae Gyo Dong. I’m excited to see how their relationship will develop now that Gyo Dong knows what Dal Po’s mission is—Dal Po could really use an ally at YGN. pinocchio 5 lee jong suk 2 finalpinocchio 5 lee pil mo final Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below! [tv] Catch up on Pinocchio at SoompiTV! [/tv]

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