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Highlights: "Pride and Prejudice" Episodes 8 and 9


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This week on “Pride and Prejudice,” we start to receive some answers… but those only lead to bigger questions. I gasped in surprise more than once during these two episodes, and I’m really excited to see how everything plays out. These were my five favorite scenes from “Pride and Prejudice” episodes eight and nine:

1. Yeol Moo’s dad’s struggles

I found the flashbacks chronicling Dad’s efforts to get anyone to care about Han Byeol’s case incredibly heartbreaking. Seeing him try for 15 years to catch anyone’s attention just hurt so much—because, yes, to passers-by he’s just an annoying man with a posterboard and flyers, but we know that he’s suffered the worst loss a person can experience, and he’s denied even the closure of justice. My heart really hurt for him. pride and prejudice 8:9 dad finalpride and prejudice 8:9 dad 2 final

2. Kang Soo’s nightmares

Adorable puppy Kang Soo continues to be haunted by what happened at the harbor, but it seems clear that it’s not just Panda's death that's disturbing him. Instead, he dreams of himself, alone, submerged. All through episode eight, I wondered what the significance of these dreams was. I was so intrigued as to what sort of secret Kang Soo could be hiding. Then I watched episode nine… pride and prejudice 8:9 lee tae hwan finalpride and prejudice 8:9 lee tae hwan 2 final

3. Kang Soo is Han Byeol?!?!?!

Although we’ve yet to receive official confirmation, it seems fair to conclude that Kang Soo is in fact Han Byeol, Yeol Moo’s younger brother. Obviously, we need a lot more information in order to understand how this is possible, but I’m all for it, because it looks like Han Byeol is the lynchpin joining together Yeol Moo’s personal journey with all of the prosecutor corruption material that Moon Hee Man is dealing with, which I haven’t found very interesting so far. But now I’m desperate to see how everything fits together. pride and prejudice 8:9 lee tae hwan 3 finalpride and prejudice 8:9 coat final

4. Kang Soo and Dong Chi, talking about girls

This was so adorable! Kang Soo and Dong Chi both announce their intentions to court the fair Yeol Moo, though as Kang Soo dejectedly notes, she treats him like a dongsaeng (HA!). The friendship between these two feels so natural and casual—I have fun just watching them hang out. And I’m glad that Kang Soo has this source of support, because goodness knows he’s going to need it when he finds out that he’s been crushing on his noona this whole time (is it wrong that I find that sort of adorable?). pride and prejudice 8:9 lee tae hwan 4 finalpride and prejudice 8:9 choi jin hyuk final

5. Prosecutor Lee and Investigator Yoo get it on

Off in supporting character land, Prosecutor Lee and Investigator Yoo spent this week dealing with a case that will eventually tie into the corruption storyline. More importantly, they hooked up! I just get such a kick out of these two—they’re so silly, more like cartoon characters than flesh and blood people. But they provide some welcome levity, and they’re a lot of fun to watch. I can’t wait to see the evolution of their incredibly strange relationship. pride and prejudice 8:9 kiss final What did you think of this week’s episodes of “Pride and Prejudice”? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pride and Prejudice on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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