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Rookie Singer Megan Lee Has Contract Dispute with Agency 6 Months after Debut


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Just six months into her debut, rookie singer Megan Lee has run into problems with her agency’s exclusive contract. Megan Lee is currently signed with g.o.d Kim Tae Woo’s agency Soul Shop Entertainment, and on November 25, it was revealed that she submitted a request for an injunction on her contract to the Seoul Central District Court. A source from Megan Lee’s camp stated that the contract is unfair, including issues with breach penalties, the agency abusing its power to put down unfair terms, and the agency unilaterally setting a schedule for the artist without consulting her. “We had set a schedule abroad with permission from the agency, but the agency then went ahead and signed a contract with the musical ‘All Shook Up’ on their own. They used Megan Lee’s bank seal without her permission,” the source said. Soul Shop Entertainment released an official statement the following day on November 26, stating that their contract with Megan Lee is in no way unfair. The agency said, “The contract is set for a period of five years from her debut date. This is actually a shorter period of time than the average contract length as outlined by the Fair Trade Commission.” “Aside from album and record sales, all profits are split with Megan Lee fifty-fifty; compared with other celebrities, this is not unfair at all for a rookie singer.” Soul Shop went on to explain that with a performance coming up on December 7, Megan Lee said she would not be participating in the practices for musical or the musical itself. “We received an offer from an American agency in May and sent Megan Lee’s audition video, but we hadn’t heard back in four months. She participated in the ‘All Shook Up’ audition after receiving an offer, and we signed with the musical on September 12. Only in October did we receive word from the American agency, saying that Megan Lee made it to the final audition round for an American drama.” The agency said that after notification from Megan on November 16, she left the country for the American audition, and missed her musical schedules. After returning to the country on November 19, she notified no one and resumed practice for the musical. At the time, Megan Lee’s mother contacted not the agency, but the musical production team directly through e-mail to let them know about the lawsuit and her inability to do the musical.” Meanwhile, Soul Shop Entertainment artist Kil Gun also has presented issue regarding her contract, saying that she has not had any music releases or schedules for the year and four months that she has been with the agency. Source (1) (2)

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