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BIGBANG's G-Dragon on 13-Year Friendship with Taeyang: "I Hope Taeyang Is With Me Until I Die"


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YG Entertainment’s newest hip-hop unit, BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang, recently opened up about their 13-year friendship and their loyalty to one another. On November 25, G-Dragon and Taeyang took part in an interview to discuss their thoughts on promoting together as a unit. During the interview, Taeyang complimented his long-time friend and unit partner: “G-Dragon has a kind heart. I’ve watched over him from close by and he’s nice to the point where I think, ‘Is it possible for someone to be that nice?’ There is no evil in him.” Smiling at Taeyang’s compliment, G-Dragon shared, “Taeyang’s strength and weakness is that he is really stubborn. It’s because he perfectly carries through according to his thoughts that the current Taeyang exists. At times, he makes some people frustrated, but there are good results when Taeyang pushes forward.” G-Dragon continued to explain his strong bond with his fellow group member, saying, “Taeyang doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t act out loud, but he’s a friend that brings a lot of feeling when he’s next to you. I can feel his naïve honesty. If there could be one friend next to me when I die, I hope it’s Taeyang.” g-dragon taeyang

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