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Da Yoon's POV: "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Episode 96


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I don't know if anyone has noticed yet (I tried really hard to hide it and be fair to all the children), but I'm kind of obsessed with Jung Da Yoon. This is Jung Da Yoon, Jung Se Yoon's youngest sister and Jung Woong In's third daughter. DWAWG 112314 7 She's famous for her "bon jour" face, her tae kwon do skills, and her fantastic speaking skills. She's become famous for her cuteness through "Dad! Where Are We Going?" where her dad and older sister are regular members. DWAWG-112314-1 (the "bon jour" face) Today's episode of "Dad! Where Are We Going?" is a family sports day. Family means that Da Yoon is going to be there- as the youngest participant, as a matter of fact- so today's highlights will be from her perspective. (This just means you're just going to see a lot of her in this post. Actually, you'll probably see only her.) DWAWG-112314-4 The families arrive one by one and split into their respective blue and white teams. After greetings and changing into their team outfits, the sports day is under way! DWAWG 112314 8 The first game is "chicken fight," a traditional Korean game where everyone hops on one foot and tries to knock the other person down. The children's part ends in a tie with 100 points each. And then it's the fathers' turn. Ryu Jin knocks down Kim Sung Joo for an extra 50 points for the blue team. DWAWG 112314 12 The next game is "ball rolling." It's basically a race, but the kids have to roll a gigantic ball while running. Each team wins a race and the event ends as a tie. DWAWG 112314 11 The third game is a "hat taking" game. Se Yoon is MVP for basically winning the first game. However, Yoon Hoo and his dad Yoon Min Soo "accidentally" cheat for the second round, resulting in yet another tie. And then it's lunch time! DWAWG-112314-3DWAWG 112314 9 The families have various and fitting lunch conversations. Some fight over food, others fight over crying, and Min Yool strongly advocates for all viewers to stop smoking. Others just have a grand old time eating delicious food and being entertained by this cutie. DWAWG-112314-5DWAWG-112314-2DWAWG 112314 13DWAWG 112314 14 Immediately after lunch is tug-of-war. Gloves are put on, and both teams are ready to go. DWAWG 112314 15 The winner is predictable in every case and there are a lot of tears, but it looks like everyone has fun anyways. The final event of the day is a relay race! Apparently the score is at a tie at this point, so this race determines the ultimate winning team. Five of the children and four of the fathers run, and the winner is... the white team! DWAWG 112314 18 (She didn't actually participate.) All that's left is the award ceremony. The one to receive the trophy for the white team is none other than Jung Da Yoon, white team's mascot. DWAWG 112314 16 Next is the MVP. MVP goes to... Ahn Ri Won! Ri Hwan's older sister and Ahn Jung Hwan's oldest daughter played a crucial part in many of the games. Finally, all of the families received numbers in the order they arrived at the beginning of the day. Now, they're doing a lottery for prizes with those numbers. Third place winner is Jung So Yoon, Da Yoon's second older sister! The prize is a box full of snacks galore. Second place winner is Sung Bin, Sung Dong Il's daughter! The prize is a box of persimmons. And the first place winner is... Ahn Ri Hwan! The prize is a rice cooker. (Wow, I want!) DWAWG 112314 10 And that concludes the sports day on "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Thanks for reading about it in this Da Yoon-tastic article. I hope this sweetheart made your day at least a little bit- if not significantly- better. DWAWG-112314-6 [tv]For more of Da Yoon and the other cute kids, catch Dad! Where Are We Going? on SoompiTV![/tv]

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