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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty" Episode 7


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Episode 7 of “Birth of a Beauty” brings about several revelations that rock everyone’s foundations. Sa Ra finds renewed strength to destroy her ex-husband, pulling him back into her web of deceit. Lee Kang Joon realizes that someone is trying to get under his skin by using Sa Geum Ran, forcing him to take extreme measures. And on top of all of that, Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee’s relationship is about to get even more complicated! 1. Sa Ra learns that Lee Kang Joon never married her for love. breakin_birthofabeauty Overhearing Lee Kang Joon, his mother, and his sisters mention Sa Geum Ran, Sa Ra learns that her ex-husband married her because of his finacial situation. He called it a “give and take” relationship—since he gave Sa Geum Ran a husband, he got access to her land. They even go as far as to basically say that she was lucky to have even gotten married. Enraged, Sa Ra drugs the family and takes Han Tae Hee with her over to their house. She trashes the place in her anger as she swears to bring Lee Kang Joon down. She leaves a heavy threat on the couple’s mirror that reads, “I know you killed Sa Geum Ran.” Afterwards, Han Tae Hee sends some of his men in to restore the residence back to the way it was before Sa Ra entered. He does, however, order them to leave the message. 2. Sa Ra tries to protect Han Tae Hee from hearing Gyo Chae Yun’s confession. chaeyunkangjoon_birthofabeauty After discovering the message anonymously left by Sa Ra, Lee Kang Joon assumes Gyo Chae Yun wrote it to threaten him. When he shows her the message, she denies it, asking how she could have left the message when she is also responsible for Sa Geum Ran’s death. Having been listening in, Sa Ra is shocked to learn this. As she continues listening in, Han Tae Hee appears. To prevent him from hearing anything about Gyo Chae Yun’s confession, she tears the radio off the table and shatters it on the floor. In the end, Sa Ra's action does not keep Han Tae Hee in the dark because he finds that the SD card within the radio box is undamaged. Curious about Sa Ra’s reaction, he listens to the audio only to discover the truth about his childhood friend. 3. Lee Kang Joon threatens Sa Geum Ran’s mother. motherkangjoon_birthofabeauty After receiving a letter—written and sent by Sa Ra—addressed to him from Sa Geum Ran, Lee Kang Joon jumps to the conclusion that it is her mother’s doing as revenge. Waiting for her to return to her home, Lee Kang Joon pins the older woman against the wall and intimidates her. Though she obviously knows nothing, Lee Kang Joon seems satisfied in believing her to be the culprit. As she leaves her house later in the episode, Sa Geum Ran’s mother is kidnapped by Lee Kang Joon’s men. The CEO had ordered them to put her in a mental hospital after having signed all the papers as the “only family” she has left. 4. Han Min Hyuk’s strengthens his fight against his grandmother. scandal_birthofabeauty Since it is clear that she will not move from her position waiting for her true heir to “appear,” Han Min Hyuk and his mother try a new tactic to bring down Madam Park. They reveal corruption within Winner Group, pointing at Madam Park as the one responsible. If everything goes as planned, she will be forced to lose the control she holds over Winner Group and her grandson. 5. Kim Tae Hee accidentally lets Sa Ra see his assessment results. sarataeheerevealed_birthofabeauty When she jokingly asks Han Tae Hee if he likes her, Sa Ra is met with instant denial. He babbles on about her needing to stop watching shows where the bachelors want the ahjummas. However, when she happens to peek over at Han Tae Hee’s laptop screen, she is met with one shocking statement, “Han Tae Hee is in love with Sa Ra.” [tv]Catch all the drama of Birth of a Beauty every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV![/tv]

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