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Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 8


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"Birth of a Beauty" continues with comedy relief. I am glad there is some character development and I still remain hopeful this show doesn't go into makjang territory. There is some progress on Sa Ra's (Han Ye Seul) revenge and we're moving on with the beauty's growing feelings for Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook). Aside, Han Min Hyeok (Han Sang Jin) is taking over Winner's Group by ousting Tae Hee's grandmother out of the company. Here are our top five moments from this episode:

1. Couple!

After discovering Tae Hee's psychological results, Sa Ra was disappointed after hearing his answer about not loving her. After being teased by Sa Ra's resolve about discovering Tae Hee's true feelings, the genius counters her sly gags by pulling off his pants for dry cleaning with the idea of seeing him embarrassed. Smooth!

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 1

2. Celebrity!

Thanks to her food obsession, Sa Ra becomes a social media phenomenon. She was filmed on camera several times about her eating her meals very well. Combined with her pretty looks, Sa Ra is suited to be the perfect candidate for a judge position on a culinary program of HBS... until Han Min Hyeok embarks on a personal quest to find his beauty at all costs. Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 2

3. Kidnapping!

Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon) is flipping out during his date with Sa Ra when he receives a threatening text message on his phone from Sa Geum Ran. Of course, this joyful venture is staged by Sa Ra and her partner, Tae Hee. They capture Kang Joon and torment him until the poor guy passes out from exhaustion.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 3

4. Panic!

Tae Hee was about to meet his biological grandmother after twenty years of absence. Unfortunately, the elder is arrested by the police and learns she is framed by Min Yeok's family. On top of that, Tae Hee is forced watching his grandmother being escorted by police officers while experiencing a panic attack. The genius is rescued and tended by Sa Ra. We then learn Tae Hee is suffering from a Broken Heart syndrome since his painful childhood.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 4

5. Busted!

Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye) discovers Sa Ra's true identity by asking her brother, Ji Hoon, about Tae Hee's relationship with her rival. The surgeon cracks under pressure and reveals to Chae Yeon that Sa Geum Ran was his patient three months ago for reconstructive surgery. The evil witch finally deduces Sa Ra is Sa Geum Ran in disguise. Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 5


I didn't expect the plot to be moving so quickly. Lee Kang Joon is about to be arrested for homicide of his wife, Sa Geum Ran, thanks to the evidence gathered from the kidnapping scene. I'm so glad Chae Yeon is having a taste of her own medicine. Feeling excluded from the in-laws, she is going through the same humiliation Geum Ran unjustly received before the attempted murder. Sa Ra is enjoying it! As for Min Hyeok, his motives are shown to be really one dimensional: taking over Winner Group and finding Sa Ra for fame! I just wish there is more into his character when Tae Hee will be competing against him for the chairman position.

It was sad when Geum Ran's mother was taken away to a psychiatric institution for the insane by Kang Joon. If the husband is bound to be sent behind bars and is the only person knowing the grandmother's whereabouts, I wonder how Sa Ra will find her. With Chae Yeon knowing the beauty's identity, this will be very interesting as the story is switching its main antagonist.

Of course, let's not forget this moment we have been all waiting for!

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 8 - 6

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