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[VIDEO] Jokwon makes his return to AS4U with 2AM!


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If you caught season 2 of KBS's "A Song For You," then you will remember that 2AM's Jokwon was the MC for the show. While this season he is not an MC, you can bet that he's been itching to get back to the show. Finally joining current MCs Kangin, Amber, and Sungjae, Jokwon reminded everyone why he was such a great solo MC. But, this wasn't just a Jokwon special. Nope, he was joined with the rest of his 2AM bandmates (minus Changmin)! Check out our reasons to catch the 2AM special and if you want to catch the whole episode, check the video at the bottom:

1. Season 2 MC Jo Kwon is back!

as4u-2am-jokwon-mc He wants to take over his old position, but will Kangin let him?

2. Amber beats 2AM.

as4u-2am-amber-terrifying1s4u-16-2am-amber-scary ...with a plastic hammer and they are TERRIFIED.

3. Ever wanted to see 2AM curling?

as4u-16-2am-jinwoonas4u-16-yook-sungjae-game Well, here’s the next best thing!

4. Did you know…

as4u-sungjae-singing-16 ... Sungjae auditioned for JYP singing 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die?” 2AM makes him sing it again, just for fun.

5. Performances!

as4u-2am-singing-1 We all know them for their vocals, so obviously their performances are going to be killer! They performed “Days Like Today” and “Over The Destiny.”

Convinced to check out these talented men and be wooed? Catch the full episode:

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