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Lee Kwang Soo Displays a Complete Transformation into ‘Kwang Conehead’ on “Running Man”


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Actor Lee Kwang Soo will be showing a complete transformation into ‘Kwang Conehead’ on the upcoming November 23 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Running Man.” On this week’s episode, each one of the show’s cast members will change into their own distinct concepts of alien characters, as they fight against one another through a mission parade to try and return to their respective home planets. Out of all the concepts, Lee Kwang Soo took on the character of a ‘conehead,’ which is based on a science fiction comedy film titled “Coneheads,” which tells the story of aliens with the shape of cone heads, who crash-land on Earth. Through make-up effects and his costume, Lee Kwang Soo was able to perfectly match up to the appearance of the original characters, causing everyone at the scene to burst into laughter upon his entrance. The actor, who normally stands at 190 centimeters tall, added even more height with his cone-shaped headgear to surpass 200 centimeters. It is said that he successfully adjusted to his conehead transformation and entertained the cast and crew throughout the day. However, as the long filming day continued on into the night, Lee Kwang Soo explained, “It hurts a lot. It really feels like it’s become a part of my head. I don’t have to live like this for the rest of my life, right?” creating an explosion of laughter on the set. Meanwhile, this ‘Running Wars’ broadcast of “Running Man” will be airing on November 23 at 6:10 p.m. (KST). Are you excited to see all of the members’ transformations?

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