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Woman Crush Wednesday: "Prime Minister and I's" Nam Da Jung


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This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we're taking a trip to the Blue House and featuring the Prime Minister's contract wife, Nam Da Jung, in "Prime Minister and I." As a scandal reporter, she was following the Prime Minister candidate, Kwon Yul, for the next big scoop or an exclusive, but ended up getting caught in a compromising situation. In a sudden whirl of events, the tale was spun that they were in love, and as the hole they dug got deeper and deeper, marriage bells were forced to ring. But Nam Da Jung becomes a breath of fresh air for the lonely, guilt-ridden Kwon Yul and it isn't long before real sparks start flying. Even though "Prime Minister and I" ended with 17 episodes, for me, the drama reached its happy ending in Episode 13. I refuse to consider the mess of the last four episodes as part of this amazing show because zombie ex-wives coming back to wreak havoc on the family is not rom-com! Nevertheless, here are five reasons why, despite their age difference, Kwon Yul falls for the Woman Crush Wednesday-worthy Nam Da Jung (spoilers ahead):

1. She's persistent for all the right reasons.

WCW_Nam Da Jung Persistence Whether it's for her job, for her family, for the sake of others, or for herself, Nam Da Jung is incredibly persistent. For many people, this can actually be a flaw, but since Nam Da Jung knows when to pursue a topic and when it's necessary to drop it, it becomes a virtue. She can go all out for her job, even if she's in charge of finding and uncovering scandals, and that portrays her professionalism. For her father, she's willing to do anything to make him happy. One of the reasons she lands herself in a contract marriage to Kwon Yul was her father's desire to walk her down the aisle before his death. However, I find that Nam Da Jung is probably most persistent when it comes to Kwon Yul's family. She wants his children to accept her on their own terms and does her best to appeal to them while maintaining an authoritative position. On the other hand, she's also making certain that Kwon Yul is taking good care of himself and his health. He's known for having trouble sleeping, so Nam Da Jung made it a routine to read him... bedtime stories. Hehe.

2. Nam Da Jung is capable of defending herself.

WCW_Nam Da Jung Defensive Unlike many other women portrayed in dramas, Nam Da Jung is fully capable of defending herself against others. She's not afraid to speak her mind and has a fiery temper to boot. If you don't give her the respect she deserves, she has no issues with downright demanding it. She's anything but a doormat and she'll let you know when you've crossed the line. Nam Da Jung frequently butts head with Byun Woo Chul, a reporter from Koryeo Ilbo, because he looks down on her and it's amusing because she always makes him eat his words for being too presumptuous. Likewise with the members of Lily Club, she doesn't take their taunts and jeers without retaliating, under a complete guise of respect, of course!

3. She's optimistically carefree.

WCW_Nam Da Jung Carefree That breath of fresh air I mentioned? Yep, that's Nam Da Jung! She's vibrant, joyful, and optimistic. Even though her father's illness is a constant source of pain and worry for her, Nam Da Jung chooses to think positively and live a good life. She doesn't like getting bogged down with negativity. For someone like Kwon Yul, Nam Da Jung is exactly the type of woman he needs in his life – someone who can take care of him, but also to remind him of the bright things in life and that there's more to living than work. Ever since she married him, his quiet life has turned into a circus and he's left sputtering, speechless, or in complete awe. She's definitely keeping him on his toes! Not only that, but she's reminding him that he needs to cherish the time he has with his children, which brings us to...

4. Nam Da Jung is family oriented.

WCW_Nam Da Jung Family Family is one of the most important aspects of her life. Because of her father's illness, she knows to cherish every moment she has with him. During the interview she had with Kwon Yul, she quickly realized that he's so busy working, that he has completely missed out on his children's lives. He doesn't know anything about them. That didn't settle well with Nam Da Jung and she reminded him to pay more attention to his children. They need a parent's love, after all. When Nam Da Jung married into the family, she tried to spend as much time as possible with Woo Ri, Na Ra, and Man Se to make up for the lack of attention to them over the years. She knows she can't possibly fill their mother's shoes, but she wants to be there for them. Because of her, the Kwon family changes for the better. Kwon Yul takes time off to see Man Se's school performance, takes the children ice skating, and learns not to always be so strict. It's appropriate to teach them valuable lessons, but it's okay to relax and just enjoy spending time together as well.

5. She has a kind heart.

WCW_Nam Da Jung Kindness I don't think there's a single bad bone in Nam Da Jung's body. She's kind to everyone and tries to befriend anyone that she can. Even Kang In Ho with his plan for revenge swayed with indecisiveness because of Nam Da Jung and her ideal that people shouldn't intentionally hurt others. Even though there were many times where Seo Hye Joo was anything but nice to her, she never felt bitter or angry over it. In fact, she felt guilty and sad towards Seo Hye Joo when she learned that she's had an unrequited love for Kwon Yul for over 20 years and when she quit because she felt it was time to move on, Nam Da Jung continued to try and befriend her. Because she's so persuasive and charming, they do become friends in a sense. They even partner up together to save Na Yoon Hee from a gangster at the hospital. It was such a cute moment! But even beyond that, when Park Na Young came back from the dead, Nam Da Jung was kind to her too. She felt for her, helped her with no ill intent, and even stepped back from the Kwon family to allow everyone time to heal from the wounds of the past. She simply wants happiness for everyone and that's definitely an admirable trait... to an extent. I only wished she hadn't sacrificed so much of herself and her feelings for the sake of others. It's okay to wish for others' happiness, but she shouldn't forget about herself either! What did you think about Nam Da Jung? On a scale of 1 to 10, how crush-worthy did you find her? Who would you like to nominate for December's Mystery Reveal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! [tv]Prime Minister and I is available on SoompiTV! Come see how Nam Da Jung completely brightens the Kwon family here! [/tv]

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