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Sung Si Kyung Quit Smoking to Sing Toy’s “Three People”


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Singer Sung Si Kyung had to quit smoking in order to give his best to his recent collaboration with project group Toy, according to Toy’s Yoo Hee Yeul. Sung Si Kyung contributed the vocals to the song “Three People,” the lead track from Toy’s recent album release “Da Capo.” Yoo Hee Yeul, who was speaking at a recent concert to promote “Da Capo,” explained, "When we first started to try to record the song, something wasn’t quite right. Sung Si Kyung said he would stop smoking. Then, 10 days later, we finally recorded the track.” Yoo Hee Yeul added, "I am not a good singer myself, so I don't really consider how difficult it might be for a singer to sing a given song when I am composing the melody of a track. I think that ‘Three People’ is not an easy song to sing at all." “Da Capo” also features collaborations with other leading lights of the K-pop industry, including Akdon Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun, Dynamic Duo and Lim Kim. Check out "Three People" below: Toy

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