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Will We Be Seeing Both JYJ and TVXQ at the “Big Match” Movie Premiere?


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Boy bands JYJ and TVXQ could be set to attend the same event for the first time since the three members of JYJ split from TVXQ. There is a possibility that both groups could end up attending the premiere of the movie “Big Match,” which will take place on November 24. TVXQ is represented by talent agency SM Entertainment, and could be attending the screening to support fellow SM star BoA, who will be appearing in the film. For their part, the members of JYJ may also be at the event to offer their support for actor Lee Jung Jae, who is on the roster at JYJ’s talent agency C-JeS Entertainment and also stars in “Big Match.” Sports Hankook reports that what makes this event different from others that involved both agencies is that Lee Jung Jae and BoA both are huge entities in their respective agencies, and that we can expect a grand red carpet line-up from the VIP event. The three members of JYJ were originally part of TVXQ, but left the group in 2009. A lengthy legal dispute ensued between SM and C-JeS, and was not fully resolved until late 2012. Media outlet Sports Hankook carried a quote on this matter from a senior source at one of the talent agencies who asked to remain anonymous. The source reportedly said, “On the face of it, it seems as though there is still some ill feeling between the two agencies. Among the artists and staff, however, there is no bad blood at all. Fans might think that the ‘Big Match’ premiere could cause discomfort for theses artists, but that is not the case.” Source (1)

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