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[Exclusive] Soompi Ulzzang 2014: Round TWO - Cast Your Votes Now!


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We’re back with the second round of Soompi Ulzzang 2014! Previously in Round One, Soompiers all over the globe flocked to the polls and rocked their votes. It was yet again a fierce battle as contestants only had a 50% chance of making it to the following round. For Round Two, there are 50 females and 48 males. A couple of guys missed the photo submission deadline, otherwise we would’ve had 50 males as well. (We’re serious when we say to provide us photos within 48 hours~ The deadline is strict so we can make the voting page for y'all!) You’ll be able to vote once every 24 hours for this round until Friday, November 21 at 3pm (PST). So, rally up your friends and good luck! Remember, you can vote through Soompi's LINE account as well! Soompi's QR Code soompi.png Download link (works only on mobile) http://bit.ly/198lakU


If you have any more questions, please refer to the Soompi Ulzzang 2014 forum thread. Check it for the latest updates, and feel free to discuss the contest with other contestants as well!

KNOW YOUR SELCA / SELFIE Ulzzang_Selca_Selfie_Guide Final

Did you know that the characters are based on K-Pop idols? Can you guess who is who? Make sure to click on the photo to enlarge!


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