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Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - November Week 3


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We're clocking in a lot of time watching many dramas so that we can give you a new and interesting list of standout moments. We're not complaining because vegging out in front of our computers to check out our favorite shows is one of the best challenges ever! So, which scenes did we pluck out from the slew of notable moments? 1. "Pinocchio": I like you

There have only been two episodes, but "Pinocchio" is shaping up nicely. There have been many great moments, and as hopeless romantics, we couldn't help but squeal at this one. There's a lot of teasing in the fake uncle-niece relationship between Dal Po and In Ha, but is there love?

We loved that In Ha showed up with an umbrella to pick Dal Po up because we got to see the look on his face when he spotted her. And why did he out himself as a smart guy and go on a game show? He initially did it to keep Chan Soo from appearing on it and confessing his feelings to her and then, to protect her by providing proof that he didn't cheat on the test. Why go through all this trouble? Because he likes her! This only makes us anticipate more of what we suspect will be a fun, romantic series.


2. "Love Cells": Jinxed!

When Ji Woon turns up the charm on his dinner date with Seo Rin, Ne Bi does damage control. She gets both Ji Woon and Dae Choong to ingest a "copy bean." It allows Dae Choong to be the puppet master of Ji Woon's body, controlling every movement his rival makes. Hilarity ensues as Ne Bi encourages Dae Choong to break out and dance to 4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today." Seo Rin may not have liked his surprise routine, but we sure did.


3. "Mr. Baek": Draw the burglar

This drama constantly has us in stitches, and this is one of the many hilarious scenes from the past week.

One disadvantage of de-aging and becoming unrecognizable is the inability to return to one's home. As a result, Go Bong has no choice but to break into his place to pick up some things. Unfortunately for him, his son sends Ha Soo over there, and she catches him in the act. However, all is not lost because he was masked. She is later asked to draw him to hilarious results. Not only is it ludicrous to ask for a drawing when there is a video showing that he was masked, it's even more idiotic to expect the average person to draw anyone to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

4. "Rosy Lovers": Two of us

On the weekend drama "Rosy Lovers," things went really far into makjang territory as spoiled, immature leading lady Jang Mi couldn't deal with being poor, living in a dump, taking care of a crying baby, and being unable to wear the latest designer clothing. So, she bailed, leaving her infant daughter in the care of now single father Cha Dol. Poor guy. We have no idea how he'll manage school, his many part-time jobs, and a baby. However, Jang Mi's loss will be the world's gain since Cha Dol is intelligent, responsible, and full of love, and all those make him pretty damn adorable to us.

5. "The Legendary Witch": Just desserts

Revenge was literally sweet for Soo In this past week.

Surprised to encounter her father-in-law at one of Shinhwa’s factories, her feelings quickly turn to anger as he plays innocent. She confronts him about what he's done to her, and he blasts her for being ungrateful because he allowed someone like her to be his daughter for three years. He then advises her to quietly pay for her sins, and to which she responds by throwing pastry at him. LOL. We definitely anticipate watching her promised revenge unfold.


6. "Pride and Prejudice": Grandma makes it better

After accidentally killing a man, cops are sent out to arrest Kang Soo. Grandmother helps him hold up his dignity, straightening out his clothes so that he will look presentable even during the bleakest moment of his life. She then comforts him, telling him to trust her that this problem will pass. Even though the moment is brief, we are moved by grandmother's gesture of genuine love.

7. "Secret Door": Not like the others

Lee Sun is trying to pave a new era of politics in the Joseon Dynasty. Instead of killing his enemy, Kim Taek, for conspiring to take away his title of crown prince, he judges with mercy and temporarily exiles the old man. Kim Taek sees all this as an act of pity and questions whether the prince is unafraid of the future trouble the fallen man will cause. However, the prince's response shows that he is up for any challenge. Lee Sun is proving to be a man ahead of his time as he chooses to deal in bloodless politics, unlike his predecessors.

8. "Birth of a Beauty": Love by chocolate

Sara gives Tae Hee some chocolate to help soothe his pain for when the scales finally fall off his eyes and he sees Chae Yeon for the evil person she really is. It doesn't have the desired effect and instead, he begins to wonder why he's attracted to her. What we like most is that Sara is still very much the Sa Geum Ran her ex and his awful family abused and rejected, but it's those same nurturing, caring qualities that attract him to her.


9. "Greatest Marriage": Patience rewarded

It continues to be frustrating to watch, but on "Greatest Marriage," something good finally happens for newly divorced mom and reporter Yeon Hee. Fighting for custody of her young daughter, she ends up taking the girl to work with her, and handsome restaurant owner, Joon Young, is more than willing to help.

On the way home that evening, he asks permission to kiss her, finally confessing his feelings. Woot! It's about time for something positive in this drama!


10. "Misaeng": Everyone's hero

He doesn't need to shoot a gun, throw punches, or swing leg kicks to be the ultimate hero. Manager Oh continues to be an awesome mentor to the guys on his team, but he's also imparting lessons to newbies from other departments.

When Baek Ki's report fails to get approval, Manager Oh spares him a few quick minutes to train him and correct his errors; it's also just enough time for the experienced boss to make Baek Ki realize his shortcomings and forgo any thought of leaving the job.

It may have taken a number of instances to kick-start Baek Ki's growth, but we appreciate that Manager Oh has been a part of it.

We hope you agree with our compilation. If not, then share your thoughts below!

Till next time!

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