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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty," Episode 5


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  1. Shim Yeo Ok’s anger is renewed toward her ex-son-in-law and his family.
familieswedding_birthofabeauty After getting a text warning her about Lee Kang Joon and Gyo Chae Yun’s accelerated wedding, Sa Geum Ran’s mother, Shim Yeo Ok (Lee Jong Nam), storms over to Eun Kyung Joo’s office. It is now that she belatedly learns that Lee Kang Joon had been cheating on her daughter with the woman he is about to marry. Infuriated, Shim Yeo Ok heads to the wedding venue to crash the wedding. She is met by Lee Kang Joon’s family and promptly throws down one of the flower wreaths to show her anger. However, the two women are promptly taken away by security. Suddenly, Sa Ra appears and attacks the personnel, giving her mother and friend time to escape.
  1. “I’m looking for Dong Geul.”
newspaperissue_birthofabeauty Han Min Hyuk (Han Sang Jin) finally approaches his grandmother about the ad he presumes she put in all of the newspapers. Han Min Hyuk tries to convince her to stop by reminding her that he had died in the factory explosion. But of course, since it was previously revealed that Han Tae Hee is Madam Park’s actual grandson, his real motive lies in the fact that Dong Won (Han Tae Hee’s real name) is the real heir to Winner Group. He will stop at nothing to become the CEO.
  1. Operation Destroy Kang Joon finally commences.
actionplan_birthofabeauty With both of their goals being to land Lee Kang Joon in prison and sabotage Lee Kang Joon and his family, Sa Ra starts by putting a tiny mic in the married couple’s room and slipping one of her earrings into the pillowcase for Gyo Chae Yun to find. Han Tae Hee sets himself up in one of Winner Group’s bathrooms and hacks into the company’s intranet. He sends a nasty virus to everyone under the guise of Lee Kang Joon sending out wedding cards.
  1. A few cracks begin to show in Lee Kang Joon and Gyo Chae Yun’s marriage.
kangjoonchaeyunfight_birthofabeauty The earring Sa Ra left behind is successfully found by Gyo Chae Yun. Recognizing it as one of Sa Ra’s, she angrily calls Lee Kang Joon. Already frustrated over trying to get rid of the virus that “suddenly” appeared, when Gyo Chae Yun begins to yell at him, Lee Kang Joon basically cuts her short and tells her they’ll talk at home before promptly hanging up. However, she quickly calls him again to ask when he would be home. Things just being to spiral when he says he will be staying overnight because of the virus. More upset now that he won’t come home to short things out, Gyo Chae Yun hangs up and throws her phone down.
  1. Whether he likes it or not, Han Tae Hee’s feelings are getting stronger for Sa Ra.
taeheesarafood_birthofabeauty Even though Han Tae Hee tries to remember what Sa Ra used to be when feelings for her begin to appear, there are times even he can’t ignore her beauty. When Sa Ra presents chocolates she made for him to help relieve stress, she reveals that she is worried about him. Because of his blind love for Gyo Chae Yun, Sa Ra worries that he’ll end up feeling the same pain she did with Lee Kang Joon. It’s not just her physical beauty Han Tae Hee is seeing anymore, but also her internal beauty. He’s beginning to fall. Did you get a chance to watch this episode? If so, tell us what you think below! [tv]Catch “Birth of a Beauty” every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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