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MC Mong Wins on Music Core With "Miss Me or Diss Me"


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Despite not performing on the show, MC Mong take the win on Music Core this week with "Miss Me or Diss Me." Congratulations to him on his success with his comeback album! Win Super Junior's Kyuhyun had his solo debut stage today with "At Gwanghwamun" while AOA comeback with "Like a Cat." Boys republic also returned with their latest track "The Real One." Woollim Entertainment's new girl group Lovelyz had their debut stage with "Good Night Like Yesterday" and title track "Candy Jelly Love." More performances today were by 2AM, Hong Jin Young, VIXX, Yoon Hyun Sang, Zhoumi, Boyfriend, MADTOWN, B.I.G, A.CIAN, Purfles, AKZ, BADKIZ and T.L Crow. ♬ Comeback Stage KYUHYUN 『At Gwanghwamun』 AOA 『Time』, 『Like a Cat』 Boys Republic 『The Real One』 ♬ Hot Stage 2AM 『Over the Destiny』 Hong Jin Young 『Cheer up』 VIXX 『Error』 Yoon Hyun Sang 『Always be with you』 ZHOUMI (feat. TAO Of EXO) 『Rewind』 BOYFRIEND 『WITCH』 MADTOWN 『YOLO』 ♬ Hot Debut Lovelyz 『Good Night Like Yesterday』, 『Candy Jelly Love』 ♬ Sound-HOLIC B.I.G 『Are You Ready?』 A.CIAN 『Ouch』 Purfles 『1.2.3』 ♬ New Song AKZ 『WA』 BADKIZ 『BABOMBA』 T.L Crow 『Zombie Killer』

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