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Noona Says: The DILFs of "Dad! Where Are We Going?"


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As in, "Dad I'd Like to (be)Friend," of course. I know, that one is bad, but I couldn't think of another appropriate "F" verb. Maybe I should change it to DILHF ("Dad I'd Like to High Five"). Let's go on with everyone knowing that I don't mean that term literally, but as a name for attractive fathers. I just started watching "Dad! Where Are We Going?" now that it's on SoompiTV, and I have fallen in love with this show. I know people watch it for the kids, and the kids are cute. Very cute. They do cute kid things and I do laugh at the funny things they say, but if I'm being honest, I'm watching it for the dads. Not in a weird, lusty way or anything, just to be clear. I find it really heartwarming to see some of my favorite male celebrities being good fathers. As a Korean, I know very well that stereotypically, the Korean father lacks warmth and love for his kids. He's expected to be the provider and just that. Korean society is improving on family relationships, and I am seeing a change as my generation become fathers, but it makes me glad that there is a show that shows real fathers spending time with their children. There's also bromance, which has always been my weakness. I support bromance, at any age. If I had a button maker, I would make a button that says, "I Support Bromance." If there was room on the button, I would add a picture of two men bear hugging. These dads have bonded through their shared celebrity status and their kids, which makes the bromance in the show strong. Before I start listing off the fathers from Season 2, I'm going to apologize in advance to Sung Dong Il. I replaced him with someone else, and while I respect him as an actor, I can't honestly put him in this list of crooners and soccer players.  If anyone thinks he's a DILF, leave a note in the comments and I'll apologize to you too.

DILF #5 - Kim Sung Joo the Excitable Announcer

daddy1 I don't normally like announcers because I find them either a little boring or too crazy. Kim Sung Joo is of the latter. He's like Lee Chang Myung, who can do this thing where they talk really loudly and quickly at the same time. Sometimes, I think he makes the kids even crazier because he adds on to the yelling, especially when they're playing games. However, watching him struggle to speak in English and then seeing him gently hold his seasick son made me appreciate him, a lot.

DILF #4 - Ryu Jin the Handsome Giraffe

daddy where are we going We all know the other giraffe, the one from a certain show where people run, but in this show, actor Ryu Jin is the giraffe. He almost didn't make it. I didn't find him to be too interesting on the episodes I watched (and my God, his English was awful) but then I googled him and saw his high school photo. ryu jin I can work with that. Plus, his son is like his mini-me, and I have this weird fascination with children who look like their parents.

DILF #3 - Yoon Min Soo the Singer

daddy where are we going Remember when Yoon Min Soo was just one-half of Vibe? It was through this show he became a household name, along with his adorable son Yoon Hoo. Yoon Hoo could carry the whole show by himself, with his old-person personality and touching caring heart. I think the fact that Yoon Hoo is such a good kid shows that his parents raised him right. Also, their fashion is always on point. Even though Yoon Min Soo had me shaking my head when he asked the American dad if he was a rapper (because he's black), he really did try to be a good cultural host. When he's with Ahn Jung Hwan, they're just like two cool homies who are good at kicking back and raising children.

DILF #2.5 - Xavier Marce the French Daddy

daddy where are we going This is more of an honorary mention since he was only on the show for three episodes, but for those three episodes he stole my heart. He just came off as such a kind, humble, and caring father for his freeaaaaking adorable daughter, Mia. He looks like he has a such a good nature, and I am a sucker for people with good nature. He just went along with the craziness that was Ryu Jin and Kim Sung Joo, but also revealed his wit despite his limited Korean. I really hope they bring him back because both he and Mia were great to watch.

DILF #2 - Jung Woong In the Actor from my Childhood

daddy where are we going I've always had a weird crush on Jung Woon In, which I found odd because he's not your typical handsome actor. In fact, he really reminds me of Orsen Welles (does anyone else see it?). You can't deny his acting and his charisma, though. I've liked him for so long, I can't even remember what project it was that made me develop this crush (this man has been in everything). It does make me feel old to see him playing these older roles and being a dad to three daughters. Yet, watching him take his daughter to his drama shoot and seeing him prepare as actor shows me that he still has his charisma. Plus, I also got to see Cha In Pyo, who was like, THE hot actor of the 90s. Or at least, all my aunts were really into him.

DILF #1 - Ahn Jung Hwan the Reason Why I Made This Post

daddy7 This is the man who inspired me to write this post. In 2002, I join the millions of women who had a thing for this hot and talented soccer player. When he scored that goal during the World Cup he not only brought pride to the nation but also made long hair cool again. I will never forget his anime hair, sharp nose, devotion to his wife, and hot athlete body from that World Cup. ahn jung hwan I actually had forgotten he got cast in this show so when I saw him and recognized him, I did a double-take. Also, seeing that he's still pretty athletic and has this kind of goofy personality, makes the teenage girl in me very happy. Watching him get excited after shooting a basketball goal with his feet made me giddy. So, there you have it. I may be the only one who watches "Daddy Where Are We Going?" for the dads, but I feel no shame. If there are others out there like me, give me a shout out so I don't feel so alone. [tv] Join me as I watch this show every week (with subs!) on SoompiTV. No really, do it. I need people to watch this show with me so I can have someone to talk to! [/tv]

CallMeN00NA is an editor at Soompi who needs people to watch the show with her. Watch the show and talk with her about it on Twitter and ask her questions

The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author.

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