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Lovelyz Reveal That They Received Advice and Support from INFINITE and Nell


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Rookie girl group Lovelyz revealed that they received advice and support from INFINITE and Nell, senior groups from the same agency, Woollim Entertainment. On November 12, Lovelyz held their debut showcase at Seoul Olympic Park’s K-ART Hall. The showcase opened up with only seven of the eight members due to member Seo Ji Soo taking a temporary break following the rumor controversy about her past. The group performed the pre-release track “Good Night Like Yesterday,” with all seven members pulling off their individual parts, as Seo Ji Soo’s recorded voice played during her part. During the showcase, the members shared, “We ran into INFINITE when we were at the practice room early in the morning. Whenever we see them, they advise us, ‘Practice with your eyes closed’ and ‘Practice to the point where you can dance in your sleep.’ Nell seniors also shouted, ‘Fighting!’ and told us to practice hard because we’re the company’s first girl group.” Lovelyz, who were initially known as ‘INFINITE Little Sister Group,’ gained a lot of attention prior to their debut due to being the very first girl group to be produced by singer and producer Yoon Sang. Meanwhile, Lovelyz will soon be releasing their very first full-length album including a total of nine songs.

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