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6 Awesome K-Drama Friends and Sidekicks


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Surplus Princess Most K-dramas focus on the main couple or OTP, but does anyone ever think about their awesome sidekicks and best friends that accompany them through the ups and downs of their dramatic relationships? Let's take a look (and appreciate) some of our favorite BFFs and sidekicks!


The Loyal Secretary In Blade Man, Secretary Ko Ja Kyung  is the most loyal assistant/bodyguard/babysitter/friend Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) could ever have. I mean, look at that smile when Hong Bin tells him he wants some alone time with Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung). The best part? Seeing Han Jung Soo's cute smile.


The Bickering Trio If you read my recaps for "The Heirs," then you know how much I adored my trio of BFFs: Lee Bo Na (f(x)'s Krystal), Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), and Jo Myung Soo (ZE:A's Hyungsik). They were true friends who bickered, but always had each other's back when needed. Not to mention, we always got some interesting conversations.


The Cupid Our OTP in All About My Romance didn't get together on their own, they had help from Kim Soo Young's (Shin Ha Kyun) trusty aide Maeng Joo Ho (Jang Gwang), who provided things from advice to inserting himself if needed to get our couple together.


The Best Friend Who Is Also In Love One thing I enjoyed about My Spring Day was Lee Bom Yi's (Girls' Generation's Sooyoung) friendship with Joo Se Na (Ga Deuk Hi), who was always by her side and one of her top supporters. What was so great about Se Na was that she wasn't just a friend of Kang Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung) and Bom Yi, she had her own relationship with Dong Ha's secretary, Park Hyung Woo (Lee Jae Won)


The Friend Who Keeps A Secret In Surplus Princess, it was important for Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) to keep her identity a secret. Her roommate Kim Hye Young (Kim Seul Gi) accidentally finds out she's a mermaid, and instantly thinks she's her dearly departed goldfish. After a while, Hye Young became a confidant and very good friend to Ha Ni.


The Hometown Bestie In Bride of the Century, Na Doo Rim (Yang Jin Sung) was paid to act like Jang Yi Kyung (also Yang Jin Sung), her doppelganger, and along the way she fell in love with Yi Kyung's fiance, Choi Kang Joo (FT Island's Hongki). Her best friend from her hometown, Oh Jin Joo (Park Jin Joo) was beside her every step of the way while also keeping her secret.

Surplus Princess

Tell us! Do you have any favorite K-Drama best friend or sidekick?

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