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Nicole Releases Teaser Photos + Handwritten Letter to Fans


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Former Kara member Nicole is preparing for her solo debut and released two teaser photos and a handwritten letter to her fans. After release a teaser video, Nicole wrote a handwritten letter to her fans, thanking them for their support. She wrote: To my fans~Hello? This is Nicole! Although this is my first letter to you, my handwriting is pretty plain, huh? My solo debut first mini album teasers were released! Clap clap clap! How was it? Please look forward to other teasers and the music video. I had a lot of nervousness as I prepared for this album. I really wanted to do well it was like poison. However, since this is an album I was very involved in, I have no regrets and hope that everyone enjoys it. There were a lot of challenges and changes, but I think that's why I was so nervous. Please anticipate it. Also, I can announce that my fan club's name, Colling, has been confirmed! Like the name that the fans had created, let's become one family. We will finally meet next week, I feel uneasy. Until then, please be careful of catching a cold, and lets meet with health and happiness! I love you. -Nicole, Always Smile P.S. Fighting to those taking the national tests!  nicole Nicole's new agency, B2M Entertainment, also release two teaser photos of Nicole, both with a magical and mysterious theme. nicolenicole Nicole's first solo album, "First Romance," will be released on November 19.

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