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Top 10 K-Drama Moments of the Week – November Week 2


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Some dramas continue to capture our hearts so much, that if they were real people, we'd stalk them and force them to marry us! LOL. A few are so disappointing that they won't crack a top 50 must-watch list. Nevertheless, whether a drama is good or bad, there are those few seconds (or minutes) of highlights that will kindle a smile on our face, well our eyes with tears, or have us throwing a fist pump in the air. Our latest top 10 picks will surely elicit those same reactions from you. Check them out! 1. "Liar Game": Beware of dog

This past week, Da Jung brought Woo Jin into the game to help as her "personal object."

We swooned when he stepped next to Da Jung, protectively placed his arm around her, and declared to everyone that he is her faithful and vicious dog. This left us wondering: In which store aisle can we find such a handsome object, or should we head to the pound for our own loyal dog? RAWR!

2. "Birth of a Beauty": Let's practice the Kama Sutra!

Tae Hee had planned to scare Sara by telling her that she'd need to have a one-night stand with her husband to get him back; however, it backfires because she loves it! The idea of finally sleeping with him after seven years gets her excited and leads to this hilarious scene of Sara stretching in Kama Sutra positions. Just to make things fun, she teases Tae Hee, asking him for help which gets our fake doctor rather hot.

3. "Mr. Baek": Young again but no superhero

From streaking throughout his mansion suite to doing cartwheels at his doctor's office, Choi Go Bong seems certifiable, but you might act like one, too, if you were a 70-year-old with a body like his!

Obviously overjoyed with his regained youth, Go Bong tests out his new strength. He even tries to manifest super powers, as he hilariously attempts to move a tree from a distance.

4. "Pride and Prejudice": Grandma draws the line

We love cohabitation hijinks!

Yeol Moo just moved into the same boarding house with Kang Soo and Dong Chi. Right away, both guys wander into her room, which prompts landlady Grandma to shoo them out, place a line of tape in front of Yeol Moo's door, and threaten to break their legs if they cross it. We love Grandma, and we are crossing our fingers for shirtless bathroom mix-ups with Choi Jin Hyuk!


5. "Misaeng": Bullies watch out

He has no cape, but Manager Oh is the office superhero. And his special powers? Tripping up jerks.

It's because he has principles that Manager Oh is not above playground tactics to exact justice, and this time, he does it for Young Yi, who's been relentlessly bullied by her supervisor, Mr. Ha.

He might be crusty most of the time, but we love him anyway because he's one of the good guys.

6. "Greatest Marriage": Letting go to grow up

It's rare for a man to be considered mature for letting go of his child, but this drama has a way of turning things on their heads. It's also difficult for us to imagine a sound, able-bodied, financially comfortable woman worrying about her child being taken away, but that's the horror Gi Young might face.

After attempting to use this card to force her into perpetual celibacy or becoming his mistress, Tae Yoon finally gains some maturity and signs the document relinquishing his rights to their unborn child. It's a painful resolution that yields no true winners, which is why sometimes, this exaggerated makjang drama is true to life. We cried along with him.


7. "My Lovely Girl": That's what friends are for

Se Na has thought of disappearing for good, and this could only mean a time jump. Of course, before this can happen, the OTP needs to be together for their wonderful moments. Count on the female bestie to make it happen, as Hong and her boyfriend connive to help Se Na move in with Hyun Wook.

8. "The Legendary Witch": One for the team

If cat fights equate to bonding in prison, then we can say Soo In is really popular. Its hard not to hunch over in laughter as she gets her punches in to defend her cell mates. Who knew she had it in her? We like this side of Soo In, and we hope she takes it to her real enemy – evil father-in-law.


9. "Pride and Prejudice": No match for her

Though she has received some pushback from Chief Moon, he's really no match for Yeol Moo. She may be vulnerable and emotional at times, but she is also very tough. When the chief finally tries to acknowledge Yeol Moo by asking her to revise a child abuse case file, she stares him down, waiting for an apology. She doesn't get one, but she most definitely made her point: She's not a helpless pushover.


10. "Love Cells": All's fair in love and war

When Ma Dae Choong mistakes an acting practice for a love confession, he feels he has no chance to gain the heart of his crush, Seo Rin. Not to be dismayed, his love cell and matchmaker, Ne Bi, decides that if Dae Choong can't win, then neither can his rival Ji Woon.

She ruins the event Ji Woon planned for Seo Rin, and after he realizes who the culprit is, she later makes him look like a jerk for picking on poor Dae Choong.

Sabotage may not be an upright approach, but Ne Bi knows how to get the job done!

That's all this time, but drop your recommended scenes below, and check out Couch Kimchi's picks next week!

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